Wait for you

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As feelings collide into my deep soul,
I try my best to always keep you in mind.
Just when I feel like you slowly slip away,
You seem to know exactly when to come back.
And when I cry for your love,
Somehow I feel you hear it.
Lonely with desperation,
Waiting for you to forever be mine.
Longing to hear your voice,
Telling me how much you care.
To feel the touch
That makes me feel so safe.
Longing to kiss the lips
That takes my breath away.

The longing inside my heart and soul
Aches when you’re not near.
Pictures and thoughts of you
Stay inside my mind.
I can’t bear the fact that you are
Not by my side.
My mind wonders uncontrollably
Of where you might be.
Pain is what I feel.

Waiting to gaze into the eyes
That tells a future.
My heart softly whispers
The true meaning of love.
Faster and faster my heart beats
When you’re near.
Slower and slower it gets
When you’re faraway.

A thousand pages are needed
To tell you exactly how I feel,
That the love you give to me
Is the love that seems so real.
Gently touching me to ease my pain away,
I just can’t imagine how life would
Be without that touch.

Love You Always

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I know you worry about me
but you dont need to be
I wish you knew
what I feel about you
even though we are apart
you have the key to my heart
you dont give yourself enough credit
so I will say some of it
Your amazing, Your kind, Your caring
Your sweet, Your helpful, Your loveable
Your beautiful, sexy and hot
and I love you ALOT

somewhere someone dreams of your smile
and finds your presence in life so worthwhile
so when your lonely remember it’s true
someone someone is thinking of you

love you always Shanly !


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These past weeks have been confusing
I hope it is not you that I am losing
Sometimes I get scared and have some fears
These fears quite often lead to tears
The fights, the words can hurt so much
When all I want is to feel your touch
Not the touch of your physical part
But more the touch of emotional heart
Sometimes it seems like we both doubt
But you’re the one I cannot live without
Some things we say don’t sound the same
Like saying goodbye to just a name
We look at each other and it is love that we see
But look deeper and see what I’m trying to be
I’m trying to be the person you never had
To put a smile on your face even when you’re sad
I want to be there for you through thick and thin
Especially when stress causes your head to spin
I want to be that person that you go to
And make you feel better by saying I love you
Because love is not just a word to me
It means much more than words of three
It is more a feeling that I cannot explain
It’s a feeling at times that I cannot sustain
But love is different when I’m with you
It feels immense and feels so true
Please don’t worry it will be just fine
Give me your hand and put your heart to mine
We have something that most people don’t know
And because of that our love will grow
So baby please trust that you are the best
Very unique and far different from the rest
Do not take this poem in a negative way
All I want is for you to stay
Our love is complete, and so strong
There is no way we will go wrong
Let’s make a one from the number two
Stare in each others eyes and say I LOVE YOU!!!

Love is true

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Words will never describe how much I love you
You’re the greatest and our love is true
These past months have been confusing
I hope it is not you that I am losing
At times I break into tears
Because in my mind I have fears
They are in my head, and over and over they play
When all I want, is for you to stay
We both seem to be sensitive now
But why now? And how?
We fight so much over little things
Then the next minute your giving me wings
It might not seem that way all the time
But when I do one thing wrong, it’s a big crime
I know I mean everything to you
And trust me baby, I love you too
We will get through this
By talking or maybe a simple kiss
Our love is so strong
And there is no way we will go wrong
Please trust me and have no doubt
Because it is you, that I cannot live without
You bring me happiness and sunshine
All I ever wanted is for you to be mine
Now I have you, and I’m doing wrong
I guess emotionally I’m not that strong
I will do anything for you sweetie pie
I will get down on my knees, and even die
How can I treat you this way, so bad
It makes me so mad, but yet so sad
I used to be so perfect and so nice
I would never ever think twice
But now I feel like I’m the worse
It feels like maybe it’s a curse
You don’t understand how much I try
And sometimes I ask myself why?
Inside I know its my fault, and my problem
And you probably ask yourself, How do I stop ’em
My heart is crying in the middle of a smile
This has been happening for while
I am not lying and this is true
But the reason is not you
So instead of walking away
Think twice, and stay
Because great things are destined to happen
Just be patient, and don’t ask when?
Baby you are my heart
And without my heart, I will fall apart