Thinking about you

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It’s hard to know, your just my friend
I wonder if this will ever end
I long to hold you the way I used to
And prove to you my love is so true
It wasn’t long ago, yet feels like forever
I hope you know, I’d do whatever
And just the feeling of having you near me
Makes me wanna get down on one knee
To let you know I love you more than ever
Whenever we’re around eachother
I know there’ll never be another
Cuz everytime I see your face
I know no one could take your place
These feelings and thoughts I have to cover
And I feel them for no other
All they make me do is wonder
If you will ever be my lover
I wonder if today’s the day
When you come up to me and say
“I wanna be your girl again”
I wouldn’t have it any other way
Thinking about what we once had
Makes me wanna get you back
And even though you make me sad
I realize its not that bad
One day we’ll get through this cold weather
And Im guessing that it’s for the better
I know one day we’ll be together
But babygirl, it has to happen….now or never
-dedicated to my BabyGirl
August 8, 2003