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I spent time thinking of you
And how much I love you
Hours and hours a day
Just staring into the blue
I spend days hoping you love me
And hoping you will see
That I love you
More than anybody
I spend weeks smiling
As you return one to me
I sparkle inside
I still hope you will see.
I spend my life thinking of you
And loving you forever
And just dreaming
How we go right together.
But then I realize
I’m just sadly devoted to you
Devoted to you

Thinking of him

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There’s always someone you care about,
Who doesn’t know your there,
But when it comes to talking to him the chances are so rare.
You always seem to be thinking of him when you close your eyes,
So as you sleep time doesn’t seem to pass by.
I don’t really understand why this has to be,
But the way I feel about you is oh so clear to me.

You are the love of my life

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Lonely and cold, in this dark
and gloomy place.

I think of you, and what you said to me
the last day we spoke.

You said you were going on tour,
and wouldn’t be back for quite some time.

All I could think about
was how you would survive,
and how you would find the time
to write me a few times.

It left me lost, and confused,
I soon became cold, in this dark
and gloomy place.

Lost and all alone, I feel tears slide
down my face.

I pray and hope that you will come back,
come back in one piece.

You are the love of my life,
but right now I feel lost, and cold
in this dark and gloomy place.

I need you, I long for you,
I await your presence
until the day I speak to you once again.

My love for you will never change,
but as long as you’re gone,
my lost feelings will always be the same.