A new life

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When I start to think about you I feel happy,
Tears of joyness roll down my cheek,
I always hoped for you to be by my side,
So that we can play and enjoy ourselves,
Even though the distance between us is very long,
We are always bond together by our hearts,
When I see you through my eyes,
My heart starts to beat faster,
I don’t know the reason for this change,
But I am overjoyed by this feeling,
When the first time I met you,
You were just a simple and friendly boy,
But when the moment you said the three words,
I was totally blank without knowing what to say,
The pain in my heart starts to ease,
When you just told that three nice words,
And it was a nice feeling being with you,
As before this I went through a lot of pain,
My life seemed to change since I’m not being overcontrolled,
I get to enjoy myself,
For me life is short,
And as time flies, we should enjoy our life for the better,
You have given me a new life,
A life which is worth living,
A life that should be shared with you,
I hope that you are always there for me,
Even though you and I are far away and seldom meet each other,
But let it always be you and me FOREVER……..

You feel the same

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Never have I smiled so much just thinking about someone.
When Im with you I can’t stop thinking about you
and when Im not, you’re always on my mind.
You make me so happy, just the little things you do,
I hate when I can’t be around you.
Your heart never lies,
and falling in love with you seemed easy.
I love the way you look at me it makes me feel safe,
and when you hug me, I never want to let go.
When Im with you the time goes by way too fast.
The thing I hate the most is never knowing if you feel the same way.

You Complete Me

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Twist of fate
Since the day we met
I was convinced we were friends
Yet I surely wasn’t upset to accept
what cupid recommends
Iv known you for a while
and I have gotten use to your style
but I have to confess
you caught me by surprise
when you invited me on a quest
I see now, it was a blessing in disguise
For every moment we spend together
You make me feel lighter than a feather
but I find myself alone again…
apparently your on vacation
I pray to the lord and count to ten
and get so excited when my phone makes a vibration
all I can think of, is the day you arrive.
again only then, will I become alive…
because there is something I need to tell you
Upon the moment you greet me…
your my lovely little honey boo and baby…
you complete me!


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What to say to the person that loved you once??
How do you explain to yourself
that it’s not how it used to be???
How do you not get nervous when you see him?
How do you walk away and try not to cry??
How can you look at him
and not remember what it was like??
How can you not think of him
for the rest of the day??
How do you pretend you don’t care
when you hear from him??
How do you go to bed
and not think of all those good times you spent with him??
How can you not smile when you remember
how he used to make you laugh??
How are you going to spend the cold winter without him??
It’s just not the same…
how do you believe all the shit he did to you??
Why are you still nice to him??
After all you cried…
Why do you still smile at him?
How do you not think of him
when you listen to that “stupid song”??
How do you make yourself understand
that the love is gone??
How do you make the pain go away??
How do you explain to yourself
that you are not the girl he has been waiting for??
How do you forget all those promises
and pretend like he never said them??
How can you erase all the memories??
How can you pretend like nothing ever happened??

What I Feel

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I searched among the many memories
In my head to see if I could find,
A little something that would say
Just what was on my mind.

However there isn’t one,
That captured it just right,
For no one can comprehend,
Just what I’d like to say.

I even find it difficult
To try to write it down,
Even in this very poem
For how shall I portray you?

This beautiful girl that I admire
To say I have feelings for you,
More than my heart can maintain,
Just enough to fill an ocean.

When Im thinking about you,
I close my eyes and what I see,
Is someone I adore
A person who is beautiful,
Just by what I see inside.

Mere words cannot describe
The main qualities you show,
The love and caring nature that
You share with those you know
Causing my heart to appreciate you even more.

Now that you finished my poem,
Maybe you will notice all the love,
That I have for you for it’s
Just what I feel.