I think of you

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In my heart there is only you

I think of you day and night

Never do my thoughts cease

Thinking about you Even in my sleep

I say your name

I see your face

But when I go near

It all disappears

And my tears

They flow

For you alone

In the darkness of the night

I awake

I wish upon a shooting star

For us to be

In each other’s arms

As we are in our hearts

I turn to GOD

And only ask

For you alone

I want to die

I can not live without you

So I live each day, on its own

Hoping we will be as one again

One day soon I hope

I hope

I wish you were here

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Sitting on my bed
I look outdoors
See the snow falling
And hope there’s a snowstorm
I jump outta bed
And run outside
Put my face in the air
And let the time pass by
I wish you were here
So we could play in the snow
Just you and me
So I could let you know
Im sorry for hurting you
The very first time
I made a mistake
But I’m glad your mine
Standing in the snow
I can’t help but wish
That I were in your arms
And you giving me a kiss
Valentine’s day I used to hate
Because there was nobody I could call my own
But this year’s different
Because I have you
And I hope you feel
The same way I do
I was thinking of you
This valentine’s day
Wishing the hours
Would go away
Wishing for school to come
So I could see you once again
Wishing for another kiss
Plus all the others that I missed
Wishing for the smile
That lets me know you care
Wishing for the arms around me
Making me think
Nobody else is there
Wishing for sometime
Just you and me
Wishing for you
To come set me free


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Some days are good
Other days…. not so well
Sometimes I hide how I feel
And no one can ever tell
I hate how I feel
When ever I think of you
But every time you flirt with someone
I just don’t know what to do
I had a misunderstanding
And I said that you lied
You ended it right then and there
And to this day I still wanna cry
Have you ever had this feeling?
Do you understand how I feel?
Do you ever have doubts,
And wonder if anything will ever be real?
Some days are bad
Other days…. just plain hell
Sometimes I can’t hide how I feel
And everyone but you can tell

Delighted Darkness

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Don’t wake me up
im dreaming about her
Don’t touch my heart
its beating for her
Don’t talk to me
my ears are listening to her

Lost in her world
and I don’t wanna escape paradise
Trapped in her maze
and I adore her hypnotize

Don’t erase my memories
they’re all about her
Don’t violate my emotions
they’re devoted to her
Im drowned by her,
nothing I can do.

This is the time of unleashed silence
its time to lose all the innocence
I’ve lost my way home
its been a while since I’ve been there.

Eyes sparkle so bright
just a seductive delight
Close your eyes,
bring the night
Hurt me be the one
make my sorrow redone

Passion will I sustain
can’t make it undone
All these years
I’ve been falling to you
I’ve been crushing on you
Deep in my mind
I’ve been thinking about you
Scared of the days to come
crippled in the momentum

You’re taking me in a trance
I won’t ever stand a chance
Take me deeper
be my reaper
Be my future be my past
you’re the one, my love will eternally last