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Imagine this.

Soft sunlight filtering down through a dusty window,

Sitting alone in an abandoned warehouse

Boxes piled up on each other, leaning so far you’re scared they’ll fall

All you can smell is the lingering aroma of the roses he brought you

You trail your fingers along the floor, feeling the soft wood

You’re leaning against the wall, lost in thought..

When suddenly you smell smoke!

Your head snaps forward as you look around, looking for the source

Yet you realize it was imagination

You haven’t been right since you left him

He’s all you think about, but you’re trying to forget

It’s for the best after all; you leaving

But you don’t know if he realized that…

I Am Going Crazy Over You

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I am going crazy over you

Mind blowing feelings

Feelings inside I can not deny

I try to ignore it

But it is too strong to hold back

My head is spun around

And my heart is out of control

All I can do is…

Think about you

Everything around me seems to stand still

No sound enters my ears

No object comes to sight

I am blinded by your love

I can not hide the fact

That I am going crazy over you!!

Your voice

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Your voice is the magic of my life

Your voice is my strength for everyday

Your voice is the light to my heart

Your voice is my guidance and my happiness

Without you nothing seems to be right

Without you I am so sad

The fact that you are not with me now is tearing me apart

I try to pretend

But I can not breathe

How do I face myself

When I can not do anything but think of you

I am like a body without a soul

I am walking around but there’s no response

Because you are not around

I can not deny that you are the one that makes me complete

Appealing to me

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Appealing to me

Appealing to my desire

Your eyes so deep in thought

Your hands so soft

Never endless power of passion to sought

Thinking of you

Emotions running wild

Inside of me a thrill

An excitement of love

On seeing your face

Your funny smile

The way you are

Pulling your lips to one side

Caught in a web

The web of love

Desire and passion

A powerful combination

Between me and you

No wall can exist

And no enemy can come to separate us

Our flame of love

Burning so bright and warm

My blood comes to boiling point

Just for you my love


passion to sought