Adjectives of splendor

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This goddess, sir

Is the lunatic you dropped

You said she was lousy

You said her love stinks


I, picked her then, off the dump

The filth, I licked with my bare tongue

The tears, I wiped dry

With my then, only hankie


Like a forsaken desert tree

She was

Haggard, bare and denied

Only a monk could have his way into a miracle touch.

Fascinated with her innocent iris,

I saw the glare of hope

The true beauty, beneath

A diamond gem in a mountain of trash


Losing my pride,

I rolled up my sleeves…

And bent forth, to save a life

These hands, revamped the flicker


The kindness,

Stupidity then!

The compassion,

Loser stunts then!

The hope,

Lost wit then


In that, sprouts this glorious, fabulous, gorgeous and glamorous princess!

A true beauty queen with all the adjectives of splendor

Smile for me, one last time

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Sometimes I lie there, making up speeches of
How much I think about you and your smile
But when I roll over and tears hit the pillow
I know your leaving will only take time

You look so pretty with eyes full of green
I lie in bed drenched with eyes built of brown
Writing these poems of you and your ways
But then your not being here, it brings me down

Strings on a harp, the keys on a piano
Nothing is sweeter than words with your voice
You’re guilty for making me compliment you
But really we both know I don’t have much choice

I wish I could be the person who plays
The part in your life, who stands by your side
I can’t get enough of you…

… You and your smile

Soul Ambition – Soul Recognition

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I don’t need what so-called religion
I’m in search for your recognition
I’m here standing my position
Having you by my-side is my soul ambition

I don’t care about the past
It was never meant to last
You hit me like a thunder blast
Ever since, my heart beats go fast

Just look into my eyes
Get me hypnotized
Gently hold my hand
Get me paralyzed
Whisper to my ears
Get me mesmerized

I’m sure my eyes would forgive me
For keeping them awake
I’m sure my lips would forgive me
for keep on calling your name
I’m sure my mind would forgive me
for keep on thinking about you
But I’m sure my heart won’t forgive me
if I ever had to let you go
I’m sure I’ll never forgive myself
if I ever let go of wanting you

I wish I can go back in time
to tell you from the beginning
“your the sun rising upon my days”
I wish time would stop for a lifetime
to keep you by my-side,
cz “I can’t live without your rays”

Although I haven’t tried
I can’t get you off my mind
After all I don’t want to even try
But to keep on giving my best
Always keep in mind:
“you’re so special and unlike the rest”


The reason why I exist to live

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There are things in life that are so precious
so precious you can’t take your eyes off
so precious you don’t want to lose
just seeing you and thinking of you
makes you one of the precious thing I don’t wanna lose
love slowly grows
keeping me alive
keeping my insanity
developing a deeper meaning to life why I chose to live
giving reason to my existence
making me feel alive
how I long to hear your voice
how I long to feel your embrace
how I long to feel your kiss
your gentle caress slowly touching my skin
I feel contentment in me
warmth inside my being
love overpowers me
love that is slowly growing
I cannot hope to lose you
I dare not to lose you
for the very meaning of my existence will be gone…
washed in the flow of water
carried over in the wind…
love that will never be broken even the darkest of hour
even the hardest of challenges
love for you slowly developed from within me

I am trying to forget you

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I am trying to forget you

But it gets harder all the time

I am trying to forget you

But I am remembering you all the time


I am trying to forget you

I am trying to forget your face

I am trying to forget your smile

And the way you used to look at me


I am trying to forget the times we used to spend in each others arms

I am trying to forget all of our laughs

I am trying to forget all of the good times we had in the past


I am trying to forget every moment and every memory

But I am remembering you all the time


I am trying to forget you

But somehow I tend to hold on

Somehow I tend to hope

Somehow I tend to think about you more and more with each passing day


I am trying to forget you

Not because I want to

But because of the path out life’s has taken

People are keeping us apart


But baby if I could

If I could

I would

We would be together now if we could


I know that you know that

But now I only live on the memories we created with our love


I see your face in front of me

Just like it was yesterday

Just as if you were here

Even though you are not


I can feel your touch

I can feel the love when I look at our memories

I can see you and I can feel you

Even though those times has passed


I know I must forget you

But how can one forget one’s true love

How can one accept this reality


I hope you think about me

As I think about you


I am trying to forget you

But I can not forget you

I am so hurt

I feel so sad

I feel the pain inside of my heart

I miss you I really do


I can not forget you

Even though I have no choice