Your On My Mind

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What can I say?
I wish you were here.

What can I say?
I love when your near.

Thinking of you all through the night!
What can I say?
That your just right!

This feeling in my stomach when I want us to talk!
What can I say…
I love how you walk.

The littlest things you can do to me.
The advice you give, when I can’t see.

The days we share, The things we do!
Ultimately, Im thinking of you!

Never on the Same Frequency

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My heart in pieces thinks alone

And to strange tendencies is it prone

It thinks of fear, it thinks of you

It thinks of things I know are true

My heart as a whole it thinks as one

When a new day has begun

Working together with my mind

Is an unusual sight to find

I know to trust what my heart has to say

What else is there to trust anyway?

Mind and heart are never together

Frequencies never shared, whatever.

Mind and Heart

Hey Girl

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Hey girl! why don’t you observe my love?
wherever I go I see you in front of me

you set my heart on fire
believe me I’m not a liar

the minute you’re thinking of me
I will be there for you

I can be your crying soldier
you can cry on my shoulder

I can be your soul protector
I will die preventing anythng from harming you

you’re the greatest thing
that could happen in a lifetime
love is something nobody can control,
and like you always sweet

wherever you are or whatever you do
you’ll be a person who touches my life forever

if you look in my eyes
you’ll find them calling for you
if you listen to my heart
you’ll hear it saying “I LOVE YOU”

You are a douchebag

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Boy remember you treated me like a napkin,
you wiped your hands in my both parts and threw me away when my inside was still intact, was still clean…
remember when you acted like I was nothing but you were still using me at night…
Me so dumb to think that I was wanted ‘( but I was just an option… ‘(

you thought you were so called a gentleman,
you have a kiddo’s crying at night for you but please it is so not late for me to see that you were just a douchebag…
After all you did, not even once you thought of saying I am sorry…

I am woman, yes I was blind of love but I know what I am worth, what I deserve…

I loved you but you have to know that even love has a limit,
but I don’t know why you’re still the douchebag I can’t stop thinking about, I can’t stop loving…

At night I think of you, if it’s not memories but me cursing you…
either way I sleep with your name in my head…

but I promise myself I will get to ride you like the douchebag you are…

Damn when I look back, you are so not worth it…

I gotta brush my shoulder…

You are just  a douchebag..

Portrait of an Angel

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Her eyes I, look at as a pair of forbidden treasures

Crystal clear

With pearls in the deep of the blue rounds

Lighting up dark worlds of my ugly past


Her hair, thick and curled

I look at, as finest silk thread

Dipped in dark dyes of dye

Shinning of oils from the old oak tree

And in a full sweep, falls unto her shoulders…

Her nose, coming lose

Down the mouth

Of two luscious servings of shinny glossed lips

Colorful, full and deliciously inviting- so alluring

Cheeks soft with flowery dimples

At every chance of smile or frown, so imagined

Her teeth, sizable pebbles of artistically curved ivory

That throws a glitter, so bright

Catching the wit of this, not so humorous poet.


His caught eyes tall almost asleep

Though in a sweep, awakened by her artistically curved shoulders

Her cleavage revealing a ripe bit of full boobies…

I am interrupted by the jealous photographer; he took the picture thus

It is the portrait of an Angel

Competing thus with Monalisa.