Urs I’ll Remain

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Waqas you are on my mind night and day

I think about you all of the time

There is no day that you don’t cross my mind

When I go to sleep at night, when I close my eyes…I only see your face

I dream about you and sometimes lie awake thinking about the times we had together 


when I wake up in the morning 

You are the first person I remember

Everything I do, everything I plan everyday is for you

It is a daily torture for me to be away from you

Every song I listen reminds me about you

Every movie I watch I remember us


I can not forget you

I did try but my feelings just grow stronger  for you

I am sad and everyone is asking why

I  can not smile they ask me why

I do not laugh nor do I speak much, they all ask why


You see the reason why is because I can’t be happy without you

My happiness is gone with you!



We were tricked, we were lied to by all 

We lost contact and all I can say is in the 11months that we passed without each other, my love just increased for you

I miss you more and more everyday and sometimes I cry myself through the day

I will not stop looking for you until I find you

I know I am crazy…I write letters to you and keep it in my book

I look for you online where ever I can

Anywhere I go I look around to see if you are there


I look at your photo and the letter you gave me back then

That’s the only time I smile…when I think about you

But then I start to cry because you are not around and maybe I’ll never see you again

But I continue to hope and believe in our love



I Wish You Were Mine

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I see you everywhere

I think about you all the time

But what I want to know is

Do you think of me too?

I have a few classes with you

I sneak in a few glances here and there

But what worries me is….

Do you look at me too?

While others point out my flaws

Would you do the same?

Or point out the best of me

When I see other girls around you …

I still think its possible, for you to be mine

We share many interest, there may be a chance

But since I don’t have you yet

I wish you were mine

Something Changed

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Something just changed

A magical feeling developed

And I can’t say how I feel tonight


It is too incredible to describe

You make me want to scream your name out loud

I want to write your name everywhere


I can not concentrate


You are in my heart

And your name is printed in my mind


You are all I can think about

I can not do anything except for, thinking about you


But I will not complain

Because you are the reason for the peace I feel

And the heartfelt love in my heart


You are mine and I can never feel otherwise about you


You drive me crazy

I can not breath without you

You make me crazy

With your love filled eyes


Your hugs are so tight

Your kisses are so sweet


You make me want to live

My love for you is true forever more

Home’s calling

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Please, please answer me, please tell me where you are.

I can’t handle this anymore it’s tearing me apart.

I can no longer do a thing without worrying about you.

Thinking of a way to find and save you is all I can try,

I must do this otherwise I die inside.

This crushing weight of worry and guilt follows me everyday.

It gives me no rest and fills me with utter failure & shame.

Stop doing this it’s not worth it,

if this is a game fine..I forfeit..you win.

Now come back please put an end to my misery,

so my conscious can finally lay its head and sleep.

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