You do not deserve friendship

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Your lack of compassion for others is evident now
your facade is crumbling, better find someone new
to copy, to befriend, to tell them your secrets and talk about how
I moved on because I’m such a bad person,
and my personality sucks, and yeah that’s true.
But dude, it’s whatever I’m not even tripping bcuz I don’t deserve this
and you don’t even deserve friendship at all, especially not mine
remember all those secrets I still haven’t told?
the married guy that you “just kissed”
love and hate, a fine line? I doubt that,
you’ve created the largest divide in us, and my pride


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Tonight I met a new friend
As kind and caring as one can be
There was a special way about her
She became a comfort to me

I haven’t the words to describe her
I guess unique and understanding is she
But I do know that in a brief moment
She became a comfort to me

I’ve no idea where this friendship will go
Or if it has already come to an end
I only know that in my heart
You will always be my friend

Always remember how very special you are
How you make the world a better place to be
At least you did for me that night
You became a comfort to me

It doesn’t matter if I ever see you again
For it’s in my heart your memory runs free
When I need to I can stop and think of you
And once again you’re a comfort to me

Keep Your Friendship Going

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Friends are supposed to be there for you
when your feeling blue
But they aren’t supposed to break your friendship
between you and them
I think you should stand for yourself
and don’t let them keep you down
tell them how you feel
Just believe that you can keep your friendship going
and I hope you make it forever