Truly beautiful

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I watch you look in the mirror

Your eyes full of disgust,

You see only one thing,

You see an ugly girl standing in front of you.

Your so beautiful,

You have big brown eyes

And crazy colored hair,

You one of a kind, Emmie.

I wish you could see your beauty,

If only you could look deep inside,

It’s not about what’s on the outside,

Even if that’s what society says.

Your truly beautiful on the inside,

And it really shows,

So, please, open your eyes,

And please, begin to love yourself.

You tell me I’m beautiful,

You tell me to not listen to the rude people,

I want you to listen to your words,

And see the girl I see.

Your beautiful,

Your truly amazing,

Your just blinded by what society says,

But one day, you’ll finally see.

Grain of sand

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I put our friendship on a mountain of sand
but it would not hold
so I put it on top a hill
and it came crashing down
so put it atop a mountain stout and strong
then I realized I was all wrong
so just put it on a grain of sand and there we shall remain
for that little grain of sand is what holds all things together
and the little things is what our friendship is made of…


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I was there
You never see
Who is there to call?
Who is there to wait?
We’ve been through everything together
You never include me in anything
You never talk to me like a friend does
Instead you choose them to talk like friends
Who is there to blame?
Where do I stand?
You never opened your eyes
And yet, I was glad t o call you friend up until now

Silent Temptation

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Losing my dream drives my insanity
an angel is gone, back to humanity
haunted by ghosts of past’s shallow
I run to the future,
to forset my fears,
to unleash my tears.

Years of days to remember,
years of nights to surrender.

Oh god!
Take me back to renaissance
I can’t convey a resistance
falling free is killing me
I need my wings again

Jesus Christ
help me tonight
I’m being crucified
your pain is mine
I’ve got no time
her memories are aching my heart.

In the temptation of love I’m a giver
in the covenant of friendship I’m a sinner
heaven’s shores are fading far away
confused emotions direct my path to decay

a heart is silently torn
it won’t ever be reborn
a drop of rain
recalls your name
awakening my pain
cascades of my last breath are being heard

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