I want you

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I want you
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You wanted me
We were happy
everything we could be
we took that last step
that one last move
you changed your mind
and left me behind

Don’t you think I was too young
too young to be messed with
you tricked me
you played your 17 year old game
and I fell for it

Now you’re gone
you’re leaving me
you don’t care
i’m dying inside
without you
nothing left for me to do
but miss you

Gave me love
for the first time
and left without hesitation
I look back with regret
should have listened
they told me to run

but now you have
what I can never get back
and I want you.


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With every fiber of my being,
I pray
I dream
I cry.

I pray that our silence breaks,
that we can tear down the walls
Society and you have built.
That we can go back to being friends.

I dream of a simpler time,
When we would joke and laugh
Before we jeopardized our friendship,
Before we took the leap of faith.

I cry for hoping we’d fall in love,
For every second we don’t speak,
For every moment we’re apart,
I cry because to you, we’re no longer friends.

With every fiber of my being,
I miss you.

Life moves on without love

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Life moves on without love
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There’s nothing I can do now
because ever since you slipped away
I have not been happy, I have been lonely …
I truly miss you, but there was no reason for you
to leave me …
you just believed what people said and did not even try
asking me if I did it or not and left me …
it is OK though because I am not letting LOVE !
stop me from moving on in life and I am not letting it stop
me from being happy !

Wait for the light

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Wait for the light
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Depression clouds are hanging over my head
as I sit in this dark room.
No where to go.
No where to look.
Pitch black emptiness.
What do I do?
I can’t run.
I can’t hide.
I miss you.
We both used to sit in this room,
hold hands, and comfort eachother.
But now that you’re gone like the instant flash of lightening,
I can’t cry anymore.
I could only express my feelings around you.
But now that you’re gone my world is just dark and grey.
Come back to me.
From the gates of heaven be my guardian angel.
I love you, you must know that.
Don’t forget me, as I sit in this dark empty room.
waiting for your light to brighten my day…

Heart Ache

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Heart Ache
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My aching heart, my misery and pain,
thinking of that day, we’ll be together again.
The lonely nights, the feeling blue,
are all conjoined as a sign, I’m missing you.
The nights are long ,the days are gloomy,
my only wish is for you to be here with me.
I long for your touch, the warmth of your skin,
a presence I feel within.
The fun we’ve had, the memories we’ve made,
are deep rooted and will never fade.
a single tear I cry for you,
of the heartache and strife I’m going through.
Times stood still, my hearts bleeding,
my soul’s weeping, it’s you I’m seeking.
An ever lasting ache that will always be,
until tour back here beside me.
I miss you babe, I miss you I do,
my only dream is one of me and you.
I love you with all my heart,
once re-united, we shall never again part.