I’m going to miss you

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I’m going to miss you
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Cold-blooded killer you’ve become,
drenched in my blood you gaze at what you’ve done.

I lie before you, stricken with sorrowful cries of despair.
I beg you to help me, to stop and leave me be!

Whatever happened to the love of my life?
Whatever happened to “I love you more than life itself?”

Now you slap me with your broken apologies.
I’m the living lie for you so you can hide your greatest weakness.

You’re afraid to show weakness to show yourself
beyond what is permitted by society by you.

You committed murder before God himself
forcing me to die in vain before your hand.

Yet I can’t hate you the way you want me too.
I love you more than anything, wish I could go back…

Back to everything I knew…the way I still love you Eric I need you…you’re my life..
I’m going to miss you and everything I once had will be lost…

I wish you could be the one to save me…
save me please I’m dying in front of you…

Love dreamer

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Love dreamer
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Someone told me you were trouble,

told me to walk away with my head held high.

I didn’t want to listen because I thought they were wrong,

I thought I knew you better than anyone.

I didn’t want to believe in the reality that was happening,

I was stuck in my own world where it was only me and you.

But the words you told me were meaningless,

all the time we spent together wasted,

because you told me so many lies.

You left me heartbroken.

Closing my eyes,

tears rolling down my cheek,

I wish you were here.

I don’t know who I am without you,

I still can’t believe this happened to me.

All the times you weren’t with me you were with her.

You took my smile away from me,

You stole my heart

you just took everything away from me.

I miss who I was with you and after everything I miss you.

Still Circling

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Still Circling
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I still miss you
I still miss your quotes
I am still hoping that you will reach out to me
I still wish that you will make way to talk to me…
and I still… like you…
I know it is impossible because I know, you don’t care. Isn’t it?
I hope, I could let go completely and stop this emotional circle,
because I know, whatever I felt towards you would never be reciprocated….

Fifth Element

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Fifth Element
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Eyes became clouds
Rain drops became tears
I used to sprinkle my flower with
They appeared to be so sour
That she couldn’t handle them
And now they are even sourer
Just like the distance separating us

No more rain, no more pain
No love lost, no love to gain

Still her shadow follows me
Still her smile missed by me
The sound of her voice
Is painted on my memory
Movements I’ve never seen before
A perfume I can’t but to adore

No more rain, no more pain
No love lost, no love to gain

If I lose faith in God
I still believe in her
What’s once sacred
Shall never be wasted
Even if she’s not with me
I’m eternally with her
Losing her; I can’t bear

Real clouds appear in the horizon
I’m walking under the rain
Spelling out her name
How can I forget her?
How can’t I love her?
She’s my glory
She’s my pain
She’s the blood passing through my vein
How can’t she be missed?
How can’t she be kissed?

No more rain, no more pain
No love lost, no love to gain

If forests receive me
Trees will deceive me
The sun is forever there
Just like my love for her
If oceans hug me
Waves will drown me
Life’s fourth element
For her is a complement
If clouds fly with me
Indefiniteness of sky’s air
Is useless without her care
If earth buries me
Soil will refuse to
Who’ve once been buried alive
No need to be buried twice.

Behind A Wall

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Behind A Wall
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When looking through my book of life, I can really understand…the reasons many things went wrong, all came to me first-hand.

It started at the age of 9, at a time my eyes were very blind…my Mom & Dad had lots of friends, and around the house were “odds & ends”.

Many smells & wonders I often had, but father told me to not be bad…just go upstairs & watch t.v., that’s how I became so plumpy.

As the years went by, Mom started to change, all in front of my eyes…things fell apart & money was tight, then Dad started the lies.

As time went on, I made it through school, to me this was alright…Dad drove me there and fed me bad food, to make me feel alright.

Mom wasn’t here, but someone was…to be so young & really dumb…Dad sat with her on his lap, this felt to me like a booby-trap!

This is NOT Mom, Dad doesn’t pretend…just let her go, don’t comprehend…Stop playin’ “tricks”, Moms coming home, there’re many secrets, stories un-told.

When Mom found out, it cut her so deep…pain so embarrassing she felt dirt-cheap…to hide Mom’s pain, was an awful sin…I watched & learned how to binge.

My life was hard, ice ran through my veins…I carried the weight and continued to gain.

Never loving myself & often closing my eyes…I covered my pain to no-one’s surprise.

There is no-one I trust, I often feel cold…Many have turned their backs, except 1 great soul.

We called her “Ma-Goo”, she charmed us with cheer…she hung with us, while her Dad drank beer.

We grew so close, BEST friends till the end…our bond was MAD tight, can you comprehend?

The next few years were filled with tears, constant emotion between frequent prayers.

Mom fell into deep-sleep, & I missed her aroma…what took my Mom was an angry, dark coma.

5 weeks of crying, so fearfully alone…Mom started to breathe, all on her own.

The damage was clear, no way around it…her mind was lost & felt all criss-crossed.

Since Mom was so sick, Dad was my only role model…I’m just like him, just a tiny re-model!

I trusted my Dad, with all of my heart…all through my life, we will never depart.

Dad soon overtime smoked packs through the days…every now & then he dapped in some Haze.

Ignoring the signs, Dad was becoming discreet…this made his symptoms greatly increase.

It was taking him fast, he tried to pretend…however all signs led to one-end.

Gone in 3 months, could I’ve noticed sooner?…these questions in mind, I’m NOT a tuner!

Now that he’s gone, Moms all I’ve got…This weights got-to-go…what a long shot!

9-12-2006, my stomach began to intermix…they cut it away, here’s my new life…this was all done with a clhtml-knife.

5 years have went by & I’m a brand new person…my life will no longer begin to worsen.

As promised to Dad to always stay strong, he also promised we’d get along…we’re now BEST friends & GREAT lovers…to soon realize we’d discover each other!

I love you, Vasc…please never forget, this is something you’ll never regret! I’ll be there for you, with promise & truth, you will someday be an Italian Vermouth!

With all my heart, my Father will never part…& in my heart, he will only re-start! I hold in my mind sweet thoughts of you…I’ll mix that with a little “Ju”…looks like that promise will truly come true!
Dad….no-one will EVER compare to you!

******Dad, Mom & I miss you greatly, & we’ll always love you…you’re always in my heart!
—–love your daughter, Dawn