I Miss You My Dear Friend

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I Miss You My Dear Friend
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I miss ya my dear friend…

We had so much fun when you were still here

Heck you were the only friend I had that didn’t leave me after half the year

I thank you for that

You were the nicest person I knew

I had problems and I didn’t know who to go to…

Then I thought…Hey she might have the answers

So that’s what I did I went to you and told you what happened

And you actually did have the answer!

Then you moved…

And I had become sad, then we had started to call each other and well

It was nice to talk to you…We called each other then somehow…

It all stopped…

Any idea how it stopped?

I mean we’ve added each other on facebook…

But I mean we hardly ever talk to each other…

I really miss you being around here…

I did make new friends who were nice and didn’t leave me after half of the year…

But I mean none of them was like you…

You were an awesome friend…

I so hope one day we’ll start talking to each other…On the internet or on the phone

And maybe one day we will meet again…


I just want to say…I miss you my dear friend…

I need it to be the same

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I need it to be the same
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I miss you very much

I think about you all of the time

I miss you so much that when I think about you I start to cry


The tears that I cry are tears of love

And they resemble the love I hold for you in my heart

I only want you by my side

And I need it to be the same as it was before


I can not believe that I lost you

I can not believe we have lost


I wish to be by your side

I wish to look into your eyes

I wish to hold you in my arms

I miss you already

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I miss you already
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There goes my heart.

Right out the window.

I had my doubts.

I miss you so much!

You and I had, and maybe still have, a connection.

It was too hard from far away.

I think I love you.

I still do.

You may still love me.

We broke up just thirty minutes ago.

I miss you so much already!

I know that I’ll never hear you call me babe again.

You’ll never write “I love you.” at the end of your texts.

It’s all falling apart because of that stupid crush!

It’s just a crush, not love.

I love you.

It’s too hard.

Try to keep myself strong.

Stop from crying,

But I can’t.

I can’t imagine myself with anyone else.

But I’m going to have to.

I still love you.

You were my first  true love.

Maybe I was yours.

Maybe I still am.

There goes my heart.

Right out the window.

And your hands aren’t there to catch it…

When he is gone

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When he is gone
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I miss him

No matter what I will always have this tugging feeling in my heart

He touched my heart with a single kiss and a simple “I love you”

Sometimes I think things will go back to the way they used to be

His hand in mine…my eyes in his…my lips could touch his once more with purpose

As it has always been

That things didn’t have to go as they went

That he could tell me it was all a nightmare

That he’s here to stay

And that none of those was true

That he still misses me

That he loves me as he always did

That his feeling never changed

But that was all “once upon a time”

Sometimes I think more than I should about finding the right person

I think about the many memories that lie within my journal…within me

Stories of “Dos Enamorados”

El amor no se puede olvidad siempre queda gravado

Y yo siempre lo amare

I can not be without you

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I can not be without you
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I thought I would be fine denying you

I thought I would be fine leaving all of my feelings aside

But being without you makes me cry

I miss you so much

I see your face everywhere I go

I think about you

And I go crazy when I can not be with you

I am dying inside so very deep

Because of you I miss you so much

Because of you I have to go through this pain

I try to find the words to describe my feelings that abides within my soul

But it is so deep and it is so hurtful

I do not know how this feeling came to abide

It is taking over my whole life