I Love You Abby

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I Love You Abby
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Well its done
my precious girl is no more
all thats left
are a pile of ashes

I have been so blessed
to have known you
and to have loved you
I will never forget you
baby girl.

Furball, I Love You
I miss your companionship,
your comfort when I’m down

I miss how you would
lay your paw on my leg
or arm when we sat on the sofa

Everywhere I look
I have a happy memory
of something you have done,
naughty or nice

I remember how you would
tackle your brother and wrestle
like you were on W.W.W

I remember how you would
jump on the counters to
eat flowers, real or not

Or how you would stare
at us at the dinner table
and slowly turn your head
almost upside down then
flop on the floor when
we were eating something
you wanted.

I will never forget you Abby
and I wait for the day
we are all together again

I Love You Abby

Things I Miss

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Things I Miss
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I miss her smile, I miss her touch.
I miss the sound of her voice, so much.
The way we could talk, the smile on her face.
The times we were together, the love we used to make.
Her body next to me, in bed at night.
We would lie there together, and I would hold her tight.
She could always touch me, in ways nobody knew.
I would stare into her eyes, that beautiful, sparkling blue.
I loved the way she smelled, each and every day.
She taught me what love is, then took it away.

Marie the muse

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Marie the muse
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Beauty can’t describe how much the world inhales for her
She stops the hands of time with just a single flick of hair
Those eyes of green and smiles pristine, she walks with confidence
But deep inside she is deprived of love she can’t declare

I listen to her talk about the guys who do her wrong
She cries about the change and how she could have been much better
A single tear and black veneer, a long embrace for hope
For me to say how I display my love: within a letter

She pounces on me with her arms and hangs from my shoulders
I rest my head on hers and then I hold her hands so tight
Seconds, hours. She devours my low self esteem
With adjectives and objectives we exchange through the night

Night becomes the cell and I encounter isolation
She is in a dream in which she dances to dismissal
I lie alone, a gramophone. Sorrow amplified
Mortified, viscera cries solely because I miss her

What I miss is you

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What I miss is you
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When I look at myself…I’m not happy.
I know what’s missing..It’s you.
I think about you until I  get a headache
I will walk with you and hold your hand until my knees give out and I can no longer walk.
But what if you’re not here, not here with me?
See I only see you when you spend the night with your friend…
Stupid bastard.
Tried to assault me …
Not physically but sexually.
But I told you, and you had my back.
You protected me.
You stop me from making stupid decisions, or thinking of injuring someone or something
With words or lamps or fists
Flying at them.
Because what I’m missing is you.
You let me know it’s okay to cry
You’re always by my side
We’ll be together til death do us part.
You mean more than me than my reason to eat
You’re substance to me
Without you I’m in defeat.
If you die, I die.
That’s how much you mean to me.
Sym you’re the most important man in my life.
Because ah see….
My dad has provided for me
Yeah that’s all good
But the damn truth that everybody doesn’t see is that that nigga doesn’t know me!
He doesn’t know a simple face about me
Like my favorite food or color
Or the deep things about me
And its been 15 years.
See Sym you’re the only male in my life that showed that they gave a sincere damn about me.
You gave me a reason to live, a reason to love
You’re sincere
You’re real unlike these other niggas who sweet talk these girls just to get inside their panties…
Sym-You and I can hold a deep conversation.
We have no sexual strings attached.
You could be my husband
And we would talk about the most random things from sunrise to sunset.
When you die-I want to be with you
Listening to your heartbeat
So it can become one with mine.
I want you to die in peace
Knowing that I love you
So your heart is at ease.

Underlying nerve

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Underlying nerve
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How do I tell you sincerely enough
So that you don’t throw the world off a cliff
I won’t repent it and you’ll know I meant it
If you reply positively, that is

Think for a second, of us and the stars
We lay on the hills looking at constellations
Light from above, it’s a story of love.
There’s no happy ending – a start with elation

I sit on my roof and admire the distance,
It makes me feel better about missing you
You’re so far away and it’s everyday
But you’re closer than ever when I can pull through

Maybe I’m not enough for your desires
You think I’m modest, I have it all wrong
I look at the ceiling, I know what you’re feeling
You’re better than me, don’t worry. I’ll stay strong