Somebody That I Used To Know.<3

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Somebody That I Used To Know.<3
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I miss you,

your laugh.

your smile.

the way you make me feel whole.

now that your gone somethings missing inside me,

i don’t know why this had to happen but it did,

god didn’t want you in my life anymore.

your gone.


your like the leaves.

every season you change colors and leave.

you form into a different person and sometimes i don’t know its you.

one day, you’ll change so much, that you’ll become a stranger.

and at the end, i’ll find out that its me, who made you become someone that  i don’t recognize anymore.

Blink – by Lonely People Champion

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Blink – by Lonely People Champion
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Blink Blink

Blink of an eye

Blink of a firefly

ALL of Creation In the blink of God’s eye.

Every time we blink,

We die

And come alive.


Do we think

When we blink?

We leap tall buildings

In the blink of an eye.

Overcome everything

In the blink of our eye.

The secret to survive

Is in the blink of our eye.

We survive

Blink to blink.

Promises of Time

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Promises of Time
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Since that never forgotten day
time has promised to give a cure
for the addiction you once gave me
but the deal seems to remain obscure
since that day you had to walk away
I’m not done with even a single memory

It was nobody’s fault after all
pure destiny pushed us to fall
everything we have was suddenly gone
like stars at the early hours of dawn

Since the day you were far too gone
time has promised me a new life after you
someone someday will simply fill your place
day after day I’ve been waiting for that one
but now I know you’re not the one I can replace
where I’ve always kept you can’t ever hold two
with the winds I’m going to run looking for the sun

I find it hard to sleep at night
we shouldn’t have given up the fight
I really do miss you by my side
you shouldn’t have taken that flight

I know for everything we do there’s a reason
but I’m not convinced with destiny nor fate
I am so much done with our committed treason
It’s not you it’s life after you that I hate

Time shall open up for the words today I’ll promise
we have gone into the deepest wild of this infernal life
we have been living few last years in sorrow and disgrace
skies have repeatedly cried for our sorrow and strife
the kingdom we once built awaits there for you princess
I’ll race the clouds to tear down the tears on your face

It’s never too late as long we have time
time that we’ve paid for doing that crime
crime we have to put behind and deeply regret
regret for the days we missed but never forget

With blind closed eyes under the raining skies
through roses of your smell above the underneath hell
by the sound of your voice disagreeing any other choice
I’ll come to find you again having nothing to lose
but your love to regain I’ll stand up for destiny
having nothing to lose but to retain back my sanity

Time is what I will promise to have you eternally
years passing again and again on our anniversary
light up the candles I’m coming for you
time has passed but I could never let go…

I miss you so much it makes me sad

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I miss you so much it makes me sad
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There is nothing I can say any more

There is nothing I can do any more


I said all there

I did all there is to do

To prove to you that the love I have for you is true


The emotions I feel are in me for only you


I don’t know what to do anymore

I can not pretend any longer

And my fake smile I used to show,

No longer exists


I feel so sad so deep inside

Just because I miss you so much tonight


I can not control myself any more

I can not pretend any longer

I just want to be in your arms every day


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I don’t see why I miss you

You were nothing great to begin with

But somehow, along the lines

I began crying deep inside


It took me a while to only realize

I was nothing special in your eyes

Someway I convinced myself different

Maybe I was someone worth saving


I now know the truth

And I have nothing left to say

You ripped my heart out

As I remember the pain, six months after


You can say you’re sorry, but the damage is done

I’m left with something that is less than none

Though I can’t be any happier now

You have taught me the lessons of love