Be Free

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Be Free
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I wish you were there
Just to show that you care
But you already have someone
And I am left with none

Just to be with you once more
Is something my heart longs for
I can’t get you out of my head
Go haunt somebody else instead

I am so very confused
My heart has become bruised
I want you to be here
And take away all my fear

I wish I could see the future
And maybe get some closure
I miss you more than ever before
I want to be the one you adore

Why can’t things just work out
You’re the one I don’t want to be without
If it is not supposed to be
Then get outta my head and let me be free

It's you

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It's you
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Pure blood runs through these veins,
Yet it never feels the same.
Replayed memories in my head,
Happiness hurt joy and dread.
All those days we spent together,
You said we’d last forever.
I followed my heart,
I thought it was true.
I guess I wasnt ment for you.
I want to cry all the time,
But I suck it up and say Im fine
I’ve only learnt one thing from this,
..Its you I will always miss

I miss you till we meet again

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I miss you till we meet again
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I will never forget the day
the day you left me behind to stay
that night we met meant so much to me
never thought I’d fall but now I see
how much I loved you
but never had a clue
as to how much I’d be missing you
never wanted to say goodbye
all I could do was cry
when we hugged that night
never wanted to let you out of my sight
now I guess it’s too late
to show you how I really feel
maybe someday, someway we’ll meet again
but until then
I miss you

I miss you I will find you

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I miss you I will find you
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I cannot believe that your really gone
I want this just to be a terrible dream
don’t wake me up
cuz in my mind your still here with me
I will find you bring you back
I cannot believe how much I miss you
I toke advantage of you
now I know
you don’t know what you have until its gone
I need you here with me
you were the only one
who knows what I was saying before I said it
if anyone has ever loved someones and lost them
he knows what I mean
I miss you so much
now every thought of you and me gives me nightmares
I hope you can hear this
hear me cry as I die
I keep believing I will find you
I tried to find you when you first left
but all I found was
broken promises you never kept and lies you always told
I cannot see how god could do this to me
I miss you I will find you

All I can say is I Miss You

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All I can say is I Miss You
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I remembered the day I was with you
You made me feel like a matured girl
You taught me right from wrong
You showed the way to be like you

I was hoping that I woudn’t lose you
But the time has come
I should go far away and live in my dreams

But it’s hard to say goodbye
From all the laughter you gave
From all I felt of you
All I can say is I Miss You

Now that we are far away
Memories’ still in my mind
How can I live without you

But I still wait for the right time
The time to be happy being with you
That’s what I’ve been waiting for