Missing You

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Missing You
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I miss your touch babe
the way you tease,
The all round passion, you always seem to please.
I wanna feel your warmth,
I need some T.L.C
you know you’re the world to me.
I think I found my self to be in love,
the feeling I cannot explain, but it’s good.
You mean a lot to me, I only wish you could see what I see,
You fulfill my every need,
at many heights and speed.
My love for you can only grow,
What’s the saying ‘better the devil you know’?
I want you to know,
that I will always love you so.

Let it go it’s the only solution

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Let it go it’s the only solution
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I had tried to have peace
but out all of what you did, how I reacted
you still can’t live without me
and truly I’ m missing you.
Can you just let us rest?
Can we just forget we did exist? …
This pain is eating me inside,
that is why I got to get you out of my chest.
I have to let you go
because with you comes pain and sorrow.
But somehow I believe that
time will change everything
I just have to fight to still know what I want
and what I want Baby is not pain and confusion but love
I need to live………… need to breathe air pure
I don’t know you are all that.
I don’t know anything at all……
But let it go it’s the only solution
even though my heart is falling apart.

I miss you

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I miss you
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I miss you,
I miss the warmth…
In yonder sheepish eyes,
That unblinking look of holiness

I miss you,
I miss the sparkle
Of that breathtaking smile
That sends my heart racing for miles.

I miss you,
I miss the honesty
On your saintly face
Only promises me an old age of caress.

I miss you,
I miss the oneness
Of our last embrace
I can’t wait for it to resurface.

I miss you,
I miss you….
I miss you
Yes I do…


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Sometimes but most of the time

Sometimes you’re noisy
But most of the time you calmed my mind
Sometimes you’re stubborn
But most of the time I realized you’re right

Sometimes you’re crazy
But most of the time I realized it’s just me
Sometimes you’re not there
But most of the time you comfort me

Sometimes I hate seeing you
But most of the time I long to be with you
Sometimes I hate your jokes
But most of the time I miss your smiles

Sometimes I hate the way you dress
But most of the time you’re beautiful
Sometimes I hate when you wake up late
But most of the time I love watching you asleep

Sometimes we quarrel and disagree on many things
But most of the time we make up and kiss all the time
Sometimes we feel we’re not meant to be
But most of the time we need each other

But all the time…
I hate living life knowing
Without you by my side

Sexual Attention

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Sexual Attention
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he’s my drug
and I’m addicted
it seems unreal
it seems conflicted
the way that he touches
it seems so real
and how his attentions
to stumble and seal
he tells me things
i wanna hear
it doesn’t mean nothing
and that’s what i fear
the way that he kisses
he kisses like a pro
sometimes when he leaves
i miss him so
im obsessed
with his passion i can’t get enough
sometimes it gets easy
sometimes it gets rough
just knowing he wants me to give him
my all
his fingers my lips
they feel like claws
i swear i do love him
because he’s so real
but I’m not sure
if he knows how i feel
he’s all about
and sex
even though he keeps contact
with one of his ex
whenever we’re out
we pretend we are strangers
just knowing my heart
could just be in danger
he makes me feel
I will never die
just knowing he’s known too
make me cry
even though he’s suspicious
i can’t let him go
the truth should be spoken
i love him so
the way we touch
our lips meet slow
the way that he holds me i can’t let go
the main idea
i had to mention
the way he can touch
it’s like sexual attention

Dusty touch screen

Dusty touch screen by notfrancois