I Miss You Today

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I try not to think about you,
but I miss you today
so many memories
so many communications

Who said
even a grain of sand
I treasured it
even sunrise and sunset
I could not forget them

Those lively faces
how could I erase them
from my memories

I try not to think about your voice
I will miss talking to you
I try not to think about your smile
I will miss seeing you

I try not to think about our communications,
but I read your farewell letter again
I read the sadness again

I miss your thoughtfulness
I miss our perfect partnership

I can only assume that
at this moment
you miss me too,
although somewhere else,
you are silent.


Asking for space, is just asking me to miss you.

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Life without you
Is like a song out of tune
A kid with the flu,
Or even a fork without a spoon.

It just sucks, okay!
Day after day
Hoping you’ll stay
While keeping out of the way.

I try to keep quiet
But that’s almost like hiding a giant
Impossible to keep private
Even if he was trying to be silent.

I feel kind of angry
And that’s not because i’m hungry
Maybe i’m just a little cranky
So I should say sorry ~

I have no right to be mad
All i can do is be sad
Only because i’ve been bad
I just have one last thing to add

It’s you that I miss.
Talking to you is simply bliss
Its better than a kiss
Without you i’m going to the abyss.

Lost in Lust

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Just like a theif at night
You take sleepness away
From the depth of my eyes
As thoughts find their way
Into your bright twilight
Everything is there except goodbyes

Just like a thief I snap your smell
And place in my nose like a bell
That rings everytime I miss you
Everytime I miss you I take some
I don’t need anything like I need you
I’m tormented every moment I’m away
From your warm embrace and cherry lips
Sleep is not anymore a necessity
While you’re my only essentiality

I don’t want to close my eyes and dream
When you go out of my vision I scream
Loud at night with fury and fright
Because I can’t control my dreams
I want them to be like my reality
About you only you my totality

When you’re away from me
Time is like a ghost I can’t feel
Missing you is a pain I can’t heal
I look at stars to sense you here
I stare at the moon to feel you near
On my pillow I look at our picture
I feel like crying but I don’t
Cz I’m afraid my tears would wake you up

Long are the night’s hours
Waiting for the sun to rise
Praying for god’s holly powers
To bring it as soon as fast
To make the day as long to last

Oh, how much I’d like to say
I love you but I can’t do
Since what I feel is much more
Than love, maybe lust or more
I was lost before I knew you
But now I’m lust within you

It’s Been So Long

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With All this time,

that’s passed us by,

Are you fine?

And I don’t know why,

I try to rhyme.

Yet, I miss you in a way

that can’t be real.

It isn’t easy to say

This way I feel.

Like a guitar,

out of tune;

or a yearlong,

without June.

I miss you,

I’m mad because I do.

Yes, it’s true.

But, I still think it’s taboo

I’ve tried to forget

but, I should have known,

there’d be regret.

So won’t you phone,

and undo what’s been sown?

You were Always There in Me

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How many days and how many nights

don’t even know in how many ways

i missed you my love

its hard to believe that we are apart

apart in all sense..

every day i would wake up from my sleep

and would search if you were by my side

coz always i felt you around me

i could feel your breath near me

i could smell your sweat on me

i heard you whisper “love you”

but  alas! when i woke up

i felt the reality..that it was a dream

a dream that lasted for seconds

but still i hope..that one day

one day we will be together

yes..you and me forever….

Left unsaid

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I thought you’d live forever

When I was a little girl,

I thought you’d always be here

Thought you’d always see the worlds.

As years went on

You got sicker,

It started taking over

As the tumor got thicker.

For nine long years you fought,

For nine long years with pain,

Finally it finished you

And I’d never see you again.

I left so much unsaid,

So many things secret.

You probably could’ve helped me

And this is my biggest regret.

You were a selfless man,

Kind and welcoming to the new,

But now those days we spent are lost

And I know that I’ll miss you.


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