If I have a perfect life

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If I have a perfect life
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Why do I feel sad if I am not with you

Why do I cry for you

Why do I feel dead inside

And why does it feel as if my world was falling apart

If you were not by my side

Why do I feel I can not go on

Every time I can not speak to you

Why is it that I feel I need you in my life

I need you by my side

If I have a perfect life

Why do I feel I can not breathe without you

Is this a sign that…

My life is not as perfect as everyone thinks


I love you; I am addicted to you


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The celestial body seems mourning with me
As the storm havocs the city, the hurt that I am feeling right now is also intensified
And my tears blend with the rain as it pours down
Finding out that you have a girlfriend destroyed my illusions
My heart was shattered into pieces
And now I can’t help but wallow myself with sadness
But I have to face the reality
I know that, after the storm, the sun will also shine upon me

Give me a Sign

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Give me a Sign
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Drip, drop, the steady pattern of rains own melody falls from God’s heaven

I raise my head to see the rain fall upon the earth and fill the earth with revived life

The scent of rain brings fallen sorrows

I sense my eyes give way to steams of tears from which I cannot stop

The steady rain falls upon my heart; drowning out all my emotions and leaving nothing but scars

I can hear the thunder above me

I fall to my knees when the lighting strikes my mind with illusions of what I once had

I can’t help but think about what I’m missing…

I crave loves embrace

I crave loves warmth

I crave loves shelter that gives me protection

I feel his hand touch my cheeks and brush away my tears

His touch gives me happiness that I can never find within myself

His arms seek for me to come

His eyes search mine for the love I have for him

He asks me “Do you still love me”?

I’m all out of breath

My walls are closing in

Days go by

Give me a sign……..

So Many Sad People!

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So Many Sad People!
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There are too many sad poems on here!

They are beautiful and dangerous!

I love to read them, but they make me want to cry!

My life’s purpose is to make people smile!

There are too many sad people!

I need helpers!

The only helpers I can find are all sad too:(

I realize that my life’s purpose is ridiculous and that there will always be sad people,

But a girl can dream right?

I also am aware that this technically can be considered as NOT a poem.

But I think it still needs to be said.

In that light,

I hope this poem makes some people smile.

You’re probably wondering what’s going to make you smile.

Well, I’ll tell you….


(There did you smile? or grin? or scoff? Seriously, I would take a scoff.)