How Could You?

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Out of all the possible outcomes, I never imagined this

We’re over, done, through. You shouldn’t be able to hurt me like this…

But oh, did that ever hurt.. I never thought I could die so much inside

You either completely ignore me, or respond with cold clipped words..

I don’t know what to say because this is so unexpected

I expected you to be happy, or maybe sad

Never this

I sit here crying my eyes out with you unaware

And I don’t even know what to do

I need someone to help me, for fear this is pushing me over the edge


Blue Cola Bottles

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Sugar coats the curvature of our blue cola bottles
You take half the bag for you then I take half for me
Stop looking up at me with that pale face I can’t resist
With your hair let down on one side you’re like something from a story

You can be the princess who needs saving from a beast
And I could be the knight who rides alone until I meet you
So righteous and inspiring. You’re naive towards perfection
Then there’s me endowed with greed who has ambitions so, so see through

You sit inside your room, you don’t know how good you are
But the world can clearly see that you are perfect in my eyes
I mourn how much I need you and how much I couldn’t try
Because girl, you’re just too much for mediocrity like mine

There’s value in your laughter and there’s silver in your tears
And you’re golden in the night because the moon is full of awe
I admire how your conscience is so crystal and pristine but
It makes me sad because I know I’ll want you more and more

The Show is Over

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The tale of us is at an end
and now all that is left
is a sad, slow denouement,
the dance of love bereft.
All the crises have been resolved;
the plot, once thick, has thinned.
Our sets dismantled, stage empty,
because we’ve reached the end.
Our love was but a fantasy
of rainbows and moonbeams;
a dream rent by reality:
love’s seldom what it seems.
The curtain on our play has closed,
now we play other parts:
picking up the bits and pieces
left of our shattered hearts.

Why do?

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Why do people often say hello?
And at the end they always go and says sad goodbyes
They build good memories then you’ll start to cry

Why do people often tell you lie?
And at the end you’ll find out and they try to make amend
They hide the truth when they know it will come out in the end

Why do people often tell you sorry?
And at the end of their line they don’t even bother if you’re okay
They are selfish and doesn’t care anyway

Why do people often make friends?
And at the end most of them don’t even remember your name
They often leave when you don’t have a penny or fame

Why do people often say I love you?
And at the end they always find someone new
They got used to it, just empty words and I love used

Why do people often do what did often say?
And at the end say and do the same
They were made by people just like you and me
Temporarily insane!