Sometimes I Feel Its Over

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Sometimes I Feel Its Over
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Life is a curse,

Hard and upsetting.

Happiness is a dream,

Something far from happening.

Suicide is a thought,

Alive and in my head.

Pain is my strength,

Like a frame to a bed

My days are pointless.
My life is dead.

My future is high
like I hold my head.

I pray over and over,
but why do that?

When god can’t even answer me back!

My heart is wide,
but full of tears.

My mind is open &
so is a grave.

My time is now,
it goes and goes

So how can I patch
these open holes?

My Eyes Sparkle At Night

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My Eyes Sparkle At Night
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Everynight my eyes sparkle.
But, it is not what you think.
My eyes sparkle from the water that pours down my cheeks.
Tears are shedding down my face every day.
There is not one day that I do not cry.
There is always something there to make me cry these tears.
My wish is to be taken away from here.
Away from all the drama,
Away from all the tears.
If someone really loved me,
I would be where I am now.

Taken Away

Wonders “(

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Bb as I lie down, one thing comes out my mind how you used to say that no one would love me the way you can…
yes I laughed and my eyes watered…I think
why should I feel sad when you forgot all the plans we ever made to each other…
no, no one did us wrong that was your fault for believing what people being saying…
isn’t it enough already the little break you asked for?
I am wondering if I should wait for you? or should I move on?
the only thing I know now is its a heartache of waiting on answers that’s taking too long… what about we talk?

I am not thinking of replacement, what I really want is a way to work things out… ouch!
it hurts to know and see something but still not believing in it… 

I still can’t accept the fact that you might not come back… another girl in my place?
I can’t even imagine that…If really love is a risk, baby I am letting you know that I am ready…
ready to go to war but you just gotta let me know where my place is…
No I can’t be that easy to forget… 

I Wish He Knew How I Felt About Him

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I wish this friend of mines knew how I felt about him

He’s different from my other guy friends

He’s nice and all like the others but way nicer…

I’ve been feeling alone for a long time…

But when I talk to him I feel a lot better

I’m glad I got to be friends with him

But now all of the sudden we don’t talk anymore

I’m sad over it I come back from somewhere and I’m hurt and all I wanted was to talk to him

It’s surprising to me that I just wanted to talk to him

I really hope I talk to him again…

I want to tell him how I feel about him but…

What if he doesn’t feel the same way..

What if after I tell him everything changes with us…

I’m scared about it…

All I want is for him to know how I feel and to talk to him again


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It is sad to hear

How you compare?

You won’t even stare

Like a ghost, I was never there

You adore him more than I do

Maybe I’m not good enough for you

What else could I do?

Sounds stupid when I’m with you

Perhaps he kisses better than I do

Fancy gifts, elegance I could not give you

I got smaller, you know

Comparing me is all you ever knew

I could no longer follow where you go

It feels not right when you’re cold as ice

Even though you always deny

No matter how hard I try

I know someday you have to say