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I saw him in black, right in front of me.

A dagger on his right,

a bloody wrist on the left.


Lightning lit the dark room,

thunder breaks the deafening silence.

He is crying, groaning, chanting her name.


I heard a burial song as he screams her name.

Sadness bursts so as the storm.

He continues to cry but its too late, he realizes.


the groaning sorrow embraces him,

and only death could save him.


Blood flows, yet the scream continues,

a scream of longing,

longing for someone never again to come.

A stranger in the past is what he needs.

The poisonous kiss only she can give.

The remedy is only her.


This is the prize of falling in love.

I whisper those words as I watched him dying.

Catching his last breath,

he still utters her name.

I suddenly was choking,

everything turns into white, then darkness follows.

Later I realize, the reflection was I.


A sadness that won’t go away

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A sadness that won’t go away
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I feel alone,

As each day passes by,

The depression is taking over,

Like my life is one big lie.

I’m tired of acting happy,

I want this all to end,

I want the pain to go away forever,

I want to see my friend.

I’m starting to take pills,

For my depression to go away,

I’m praying to God they’ll work,

And that I’ll be happy again someday.





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I always thought you were smart.
Smart enough to know what’s right and wrong
To know the difference between win and lose.
I see you walking down this hideous path.
The path full of negative thinking.
Why would you think bad things about you?
Aren’t you good enough to know already?
To  know that you are better than them in some ways?
Look at yourself of what you see?
Right in the mirror you say:
“I’m not good enough,”
“I’m just a burden,”
“I’m just a big blob in everyone’s life.”
If that’s what you see,
Why can’t you see others love you the way you are?
Who are you trying to prove?
Do you want to be sad all your life,
Or do you want to be selfish and let everyone in the whole world love you?
Stop hurting yourself secretly,
Because I care for you and your sake.
You don’t need a lot of people to love you.
Even if it’s one person,
It’s enough.
Because that person cares for you.
You have to know that you have limits.
And that limit reaches beyond of what you think.
Stand up and stop putting yourself low.
If you believe that way,
Then I want you to start thinking positive.
Because that positive thinking becomes your words.
Your words soon start becoming your life style,
And that shapes up your destiny,
Where fate can’t rule you anymore.
As you take my words,
To know that it’s true,
You will find smiles upon your face.


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Outside you see me smiling

Inside Im really dying

People think Im ok

But every second Im crying

Im done with fake smiles and happiness

Now my worlds filled with frowns and sadness

I would care less if I ended up dead

If you see me just lay me in my bed

And let me rest in peace forever

It will hurt you that we are never together

But it’s for the best now; Im going my own way

So this is all I have left to say.


I love you all!

Im Sorry!!!

I Am Lonely

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I feel sorrow.
I am sad.
Where I stand is dark and damp.
It is as dark as a basement or attic.
I cry, but no tears fall.
I smile and my frown is not seen.
I can’t help being mean.
I am alone.
I am lost.
I feel like an old item with an old cost.
I feel sorrow.
I am sad.
Why can’t I stand up straight?
Why do I have to be so mad?!