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Start New
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Love Lasting,
I guess you could call it a thing,
4 yrs it carried,
And now it’s all trying to be buried,
My first real love,
Got lost above,
And threw everything away,
There was nothing more to say,
After so many times he broke my heart,
It was like a shooting dart,
So many times,
So many crimes,
To much to handle,
So now here I am starting brand new,
Always wondering how I really got threw,
Now it’s hard to trust,
Even though I know I must,
But after the past,
How long will the truth last,
I always get hurt,
I always feel like I’m just dirt,
Are there people out there that are true,
I truly wish I knew,
I want to be happy,
And not sappy,
I want someone to be true to me,
Please help me see,
Make me believe there’s good not only bad,
Because bad is all I ever had,
I always go for those bad boys,
That are like little toys,
That just play and play,
And there’s nothing you can say,
There’s nothing you can do,
Or they’ll just forget all about you and be like who?
Like they never knew,
I just want to live my life,
And stop being stabbed with a knife,
Right where my heart is.
I just need to free my mind,
And really look what I need to find,
Im sick of being sad,
And that’s what I feel like that all I have ever had,
Now I want to start brand new,
And find my one true Boo.


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I imagine the future
It is just a thought
When will I see you again?
Or is there just sadness brought

I just think of stuff
That could of happened or never had
Just thinking about all this stuff
Makes me feel really sad

I thought someday you’d actually like me
But gosh was I so dumb
I always thought every day
When will that someday come?

I’ve waited and waited
Each and everyday
But everytime I looked at you
You just looked away

Everytime I tried to talk to you
You would just ignore
I thought we were good friends
So what did you do that for?

But then I realized since you found out
I really loved you so
You seemed like you hated it
And you wished you didn’t know

I felt so stupid right then
And I felt very num
For right then I realized
That someday would never come


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These past weeks have been confusing
I hope it is not you that I am losing
Sometimes I get scared and have some fears
These fears quite often lead to tears
The fights, the words can hurt so much
When all I want is to feel your touch
Not the touch of your physical part
But more the touch of emotional heart
Sometimes it seems like we both doubt
But you’re the one I cannot live without
Some things we say don’t sound the same
Like saying goodbye to just a name
We look at each other and it is love that we see
But look deeper and see what I’m trying to be
I’m trying to be the person you never had
To put a smile on your face even when you’re sad
I want to be there for you through thick and thin
Especially when stress causes your head to spin
I want to be that person that you go to
And make you feel better by saying I love you
Because love is not just a word to me
It means much more than words of three
It is more a feeling that I cannot explain
It’s a feeling at times that I cannot sustain
But love is different when I’m with you
It feels immense and feels so true
Please don’t worry it will be just fine
Give me your hand and put your heart to mine
We have something that most people don’t know
And because of that our love will grow
So baby please trust that you are the best
Very unique and far different from the rest
Do not take this poem in a negative way
All I want is for you to stay
Our love is complete, and so strong
There is no way we will go wrong
Let’s make a one from the number two
Stare in each others eyes and say I LOVE YOU!!!

Unforgotten Memories

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Unforgotten Memories
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As I sit here all alone.
Trying to reminisce days that passed.
Joyful memories engraved in our hearts.
Hurt and sadness that crossed our path.
Somehow it seems like a fantasy.
Fairy tales from a child’s memory.
That all ends happily ever after.
Dreams I encounter whenever I am asleep…
All seem like real to me.
But sometimes feel as empty as me.
When morning comes I must wake.
Then my dreams would slowly fade.
Dreams of you and me together
How I would love to sleep forever.
To hold on to my precious dreams.
And never let it slip through my hand
But as I try to wake dreams slowly fade.
Even as it slowly fades.
I know in my heart it would stay.
Just as the autumn leaves would lie on the ground.
And as it slowly returns when spring arrives.
Love forgotten in the passing of time.
Hurt and sadness scarred by time.
A dagger pierced straight at my heart.
Longing for someone to pull it apart.
Then you came and gave me a chance.
A chance to mend a broken heart.
Memories would stay right here with me.
And let it be part of the sky.
An endless sky with no boundaries.
Filled by my unforgotten memories.

Tears of Sadness

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Tears of Sadness
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Feeling sad
left out
not knowing why
now tears start
to fill my eyes with sadness
why did I deserve this pain
after spilling my feeling to you
I wait for your call
and your text
still nothing
I just fall asleep
feeling sad
hoping happiness
would come
after I wake up
but still no sign of you
to hear your voice
to rescue me from this
tears of sadness
hurt that you cause
waiting and waiting
as tears start
to roll down my face
I lie here
tears falling down endlessly
as sadness takes over once again
so I cry myself to sleep
hoping to feel better
when I wake……