Let you free

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Let you free
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Sleeping is rough
My dreams make me sad
cause they’re always about you
and the things I never had.
I love you, and that is real
but every time I look back
you made love to me
with her on your mind
through every touch and feel.
I know you better than you will ever know
the lies you told, your silence, and your games
I figured out even though you didn’t think so.
So have her I will let you free through all your actions,
I do realize, you never wanted me.

If the tears

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If the tears
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If the tears are sort of a consolation
why after crying Im still feeling this pain…
Every time I cried I hoped one thing:
everything’s going to be alright.
Sometimes Im feeling like my heart is opening;
like somewhere someone is loving someone
And stay for a longtime without talking,
suddenly I know everything is not lost.
That somehow, somewhere deep inside
I can know that life is not really messy.
That is why Im feeling like crying out to the heaven and say
“thanks for the life”
Like nothing can stop love,
nothing is going to stop me from living my life as I want.
Everything is passion to live, to survive.
If the tears are sort of a consolation
why after crying Im still feeling this pain…
Im like the wind, present but invisible.
People feel me but don’t pay attention
become violent they scared of me.
But what they don’t know is how important Im…..
Without me the sun will be suffocating.
If the tears…

Dead Ones

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Dead Ones
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The dead ones never go
They are out there in the shadow
The dead ones are not underneath surface
They are in restless tree
They are in forest that moans
They are in water that flows
They are in wind
They are lots
Dead are not dead
The dead ones never go
They are in womens chest
They are in child that cries
And in fire that flames
The dead ones are not underneath surface
They are in fire that dies
They are in dews grass
They are in sad walls
They are in forest
They are in house
They are everywhere

The dead ones are not dead

Take me with you

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Take me with you
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If ocean was a desert
I would be a flower there
Waiting for you
To pick me up from the sand
And put me somewhere close to you
I would be a precious stone
Waiting for you
To buy me from my master
And put me next to your heart
Give me your hand my dove
To come to your secret chambers
Sadly you sleep alone there
I am coming to sleep with you

Take me there….

Tears of Pain

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Tears of Pain
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You know it and I know it
Our ways are getting separated
You are going away from me
But you are staying in my memories
There was happiness once
But now there is only sadness
Tried to understand everything
But this heart of mine doesn’t stay in peace
This tears on my face, what are they?
Are they tears of flame ?
Or are they tears of pain ?
Seasons have come
Seasons have gone
But the pain is still here
And color of sadness is deep
As years go by my love still burns
Who knows what will happen ?
Who knows through what more do I have to go through?