Nothing can save me

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Nothing can save me
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My love lies alone.
Sitting in its regrets of unforgotten sorrow
My heart is locked.
Nobody is here to unlock the world of an undefined soul.
Walking in this world of forbidden freedom
Walking in the world of stress.
Water bleeds from my eyes.
Blood drips from my wrists.
Depression and sorrow is all I know.
I smile to fool.
My smile fools you.
I’ve never been happy.
The closest I’ve gotten to happiness, is sadness.
Nothing…can save…me now…

Falling Down

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Falling Down
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We were so in love.
Then we were falling.
Our hearts being torn away,
our love being eaten by hate.
Beauty counts for nothing when you can’t see.
And I could not see.
See you, at least.
We thought it was perfect, you and I.
But no, we were sadly mistaken.
There were issues and problems.
Barriers we could not cross.
Things we could not overcome.
And now you’re gone, only a faint hissing in my Temporal Lobes.
(or my memory, for those of you who are thinking “What?”)
I won’t forget you, or at least I’ll try.
What ruined us was gravity,
Making us fall down.
Are we still falling?

No One Will Understand

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No One Will Understand
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I sit here feeling bad for myself.
No one will understand.
I cry and get a simple “Are you ok?”
But that is all.
I don’t say a word.
No one will understand.
I keep things inside until I cry.
I cry when no one is around.
No one will understand.
I search for answers.
I get none.
Nothing and no one can help.
No one will understand.
When I’m sad no one notices.
When I’m happy for once they think I’m sad.
They don’t understand.
No one will understand.

On Bended Knee

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On Bended Knee
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I ask my love on bended knee,
“Sweetheart will you marry me?”
To which I heard a quick reply..
“Yes, as soon as pigs can fly.”
So I looked high, and I looked low
for a real smart pig, and do you know?
I found that pig sitting in a sty,
and in a week or two taught him to fly.
I showed the pig to my love, and then,
asked her to marry me once again.
She said, “I’m sorry, but I lied…
When hell freezes over, I’ll be your bride.
Now, this next part is sad to tell,
She got sick and died, and went to hell.
Her cold heart, turned hell to ice,
She’s waiting for me. Now ain’t that nice?