Im not saying "goodbye"

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Im not saying "goodbye"
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Does your face still light up?
Do you still begin to laugh
when you watch the video
and look at the photograph?
Of that night when we danced
like there was no rest
That night I forgot what its like
to be second best
Does your body still fill with butterflies?
Do your eyes still begin to wet
when you remember that night
when we first met?
Well, today you flew back
to your home and to your guy
But I will have no regrets
when I look to that sky
Time cheated us once again
we knew this day would suck
But Im not saying “goodbye”
…Im wishing you luck

Jet Black, Centred in Midnight Blue

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Jet Black, Centred in Midnight Blue
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Your eyes were the night sky I once stared into
Jet black, centred in midnight blue
Who stole the twilight that never dies?
Who stole the stars from those eyes?

I guess I didn’t know what to say
To a night sky fading away
Who said the moon never cries?
Who stole the stars from those eyes?

Now, the night breeze will surely come
The one that leaves us feeling numb
So, who filled the clouds with goodbyes?
Who stole the stars from those eyes?

Goodbye "love"

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Goodbye "love"
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Sitting inside my room thinking of you
tossing and turning, don’t know what to do
how could i miss you, someone i hardly know
this feeling’s so weird, but it’s starting to grow

i know for sure Im in control
but when i think of you, i start to fall
i know i should stop, but i don’t know how
so Im writing this poem to release it all somehow

love is a game, a game i could never win
it cuts like a knife, it pricks like a pin
i know if i’d love you, i’d soon feel the pain
you’re so far away and I will be waiting in vain

i started this poem feeling so blue
Im ending it now with words that’s so true
goodbye “love” maybe I will see you someday
‘coz if we’re meant to be “love will find a way”