I loved you forever but forever is over

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I scream your name when Im asleep,
I dream about you every single night,
it’s like a nightmare that won’t leave me alone
I want to forget you but I simply can’t,
I try and try but it’s impossible,
I wish I could go far away where you’re not near
so like that I wouldn’t have to deal with this pain
you’re all I ever wanted, you’re all I loved to have,
but babe Im moving along no matter what,
and it’s best for us to go our separate ways,
sorry Im doing this for the best of you,
and for the best of me, because I really love you
but the time it’s ending and sooner or later
you’re not gonna be here with me because you will be miles away,
so I take this time to say goodbye I loved you forever but forever is over

Goodbye My Love

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We shared the joy
And shared the pain
Of four forgotten years
And as my heart
Recalls the joys
My eyes recall the tears

For although life
Is never perfect
And things were not quite right
I miss the silence
And the peace
I felt deep in the night

In our great plans
Of future
There was a tiny flaw
You grew to know me
As no other
And rejected what you saw

This rejection come
Has filled me with
Despair and uncertainty
And I’ll spend my days
Searching my soul
In hopes of finding me

I feel to be
So unimportant
To future and to history
I matter not
To the World
And least of all to me

The feelings of
They fill me up inside
And leave me wishing
That I could
Just lay down and die

I feel to be
Not good enough
For our society
I want to erase
My own existence
From future history

I feel to be
Simply not worth
The effort took to kill
For broken hearts
And shattered dreams
Have took with them my will

I felt that my
Profound words
Would help someone, someday
And now I turn
To them myself
And try to find the way

I felt to be
Going somewhere
Some great destiny in time
But now I feel
There’s nothing left
In this destiny of mine

I once taught that
Everyone’s life
Regardless of how bland
Was still worth living
If nothing else
To see the beauty in the Land

But now the Land
It has been changed
And it holds beauty not
It holds instead
The piercing pain
The future’s presence brought

I was a man
Of simple dreams
Who held my life so dear
I held a vision
Of the World
As someplace very near

But now the World
It seems so small
So distant and obscure
And my purpose here
Within the World
Is something that’s unsure

My purpose once
Was to show the World
Some peace and serenity
But now the meaning
Of life and world
Seems utter insanity

When we were married
We were so young
But we loved all through the tears
But then one day
As prophesy fulfilled
You left me lonely to face the years

And we had problems
Throughout the times
Yet still we held the love
And then one day
You forgot the times
And quietly died the dove

And we had children
From our love
Their faces shown so bright
And as I think of all
The events I’ll miss
I cry through the long night

For they shall never
Know me well
Although they’ll come to see
But I’ll not be “Daddy”
In my children’s eyes
Just a piece of history

I’ll not be important
In their lives
Just an old forgotten toy
I’ll not get to share
The everyday
Sadness and the joy

They’re innocence
And dancing eyes
Is something I will miss
A little hug
An “I love you Dad”
A daughter’s goodnight kiss

The quietness of
A saddened heart
When life’s not understood
When things could not
Be explained
They’d know that Daddy would

I long so much
To see their eyes
And hold them oh so tight
As they tell me of
A child’s broken heart
In the stillness of the night

Just to be there
Every morning
Every night and every day
To hold them and
To love them so
And to quietly guide their way

To know the pleasures
That come with
Being Father of my girls
And to know that it
Will never be
Puts heartache in my world

But of all the things
That hurt me so
I still don’t understand
What took my life
Away and left
Me alone to face this land

For although love
Is never perfect
I thought ours to be strong
Until the day
You came to me
And said it was all wrong

And then you turned
And walked away
And you took my future too
But what hurts me most
Is the pain I feel
Matters not at all to you

I do not know
What made you change
And do these things to me
But the promises
Of love we made
Hurts me ironically

The promises and
The love we made
It filled my life with verse
And now the same
Which brought life joy
Brings to my life a curse

Im cursed to walk
My life in pain
In fear again to care
‘Cause if Im hurt
Like this again
My soul will disappear

And though I know
That you care not
Of my future History
I ask that when you see the moon
You’ll quietly think of me

For somewhere out there
In that night
Lies a man who loved you so
A small and feeble
Little man
With a broken heart of gold

And although he’s
Been all used up
And struggles with each day
He’d give up for you
His very life
Then quietly go away

So I will live
My life alone
And try to wait patiently
And I’ll always hope
Against the odds
Someday you’ll return to me

So now that time
Has ended
And all my days stand still
I leave with you
In honest hope
My last testament and will

To you I will
My smiling eyes
You saw at mornings light
And for my girls
I will to them
A soul of endless flight

Please keep and guard
Them closely
As you pass throughout your years
When you see the moon
Recall a man
Who’s living dead and filled with tears

And in my heart
There holds the hope
Of a beautiful white dove
But until that time
Could be again
I’ll just say…Goodbye My Love

Silent Tears

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Everyday I scream and shout,
To find my way out,
But no one hears me,
So Im left to be.
I cry silent tears,
So no one hears,
They are blind to see,
The real me.
No one can tell,
And puts me through hell,
I put on the mask,
And get on with the task.
In my skin, I feel the blade,
As the pain begins to fade.
As the blood oozes out,
I scream and shout.
Im torn inside,
With the thoughts of suicide,
The only thing crossing my mind,
But what will I find?
I reach out for help,
But all I can do is yelp.
I wasn’t meant to be,
So go on, say goodbye to me.
No one understands,
As I fall flat on my hands,
Tears streaming down my face
As I have lost the race.

Love Dies

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I used to believe in happily ever after
Nothing else matter
Against all odds
As long as we’re together
Indeed time passes by
Lullaby seems to die
You’ve said sad goodbyes
Heartbreaking , yes
Indeed, I almost die
Foolish I, dust in my eyes
Oh why, oh why
You’ve made me cry
Love blossoms and suddenly dies
I do, I do In sickness and health
For better or for worst
You got better
Truly, I feel the worst
Perhaps true love will come
The day you’ve said Goodbye…