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Well, I don’t really have much to say…
I guess I’ll just leave you guys with this:
Have an amazing break, Okay? Promise me.
‘Cos we all deserve it. But you know, I bet we’ll all miss it a bit
‘Cos you know they say, high school comes once in a lifetime
Youth, our youth, comes once every lifetime…
And they say that it’s even better that you have someone you care about to share it with…
And… we did.. all of us…
Take lots of pictures! Not of sites, don’t take pictures of buildings… Take pictures of moments…
‘Cos that’s what matters…
Capture them in your head.. Hold onto them.. in your heart..

Now I could say goodbye to you

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Now I could say goodbye to you
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Let me go ahead and tell you how I feel,
Let me go ahead and open my heart’s worst fear,
Let me tell you what you did
And everything I’ve gone through,
Let me get started by saying it’s a mess,
You left my heart in tiny pieces
which no one will repair,
You broke it really badly
& now all I have inside me is hate,
Hate for you and hate for her,
Hate for them who treat me wrong,
Hate for them who think they’re something,
Hate for them who act as if nothing happened,
The only love I kept inside is from those who had learned to treat me right,
because you had broken my heart,
but I always promise to keep deep deep inside those whom I promise to never forget,
those who are at rest in heaven, those who are part of my everyday life,
those who are the only ones that are deep deep inside my heart,
you have broken my heart into tiny little pieces,
but that little space you couldn’t break,
because it was all that I have left when you took my whole life away
but you did not take everything away, you only broke the love I had for you
& now I could say goodbye to you.

For Richard Doc Conway

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For Richard Doc Conway
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I knew even then that you were a broken man.  I knew what you had been through in that awful war, but never really understood what it was like for you.  You lost all your friends there in the mud, came home to a country that didn’t want you back, and found that your wife had left you.  That would have destroyed anyone, but not you.  It wasn’t until so many years went by that I understood why.  It didn’t matter to you, none of it, because you never really came home.

You hid yourself so deeply in that bottle, and it was only when I would join you there that I’d see the real you.  You were kind, and far too gentle for what you’d seen.  I knew even then that you were broken, but I never did know just how badly.

When I had to leave, I said goodbye, but didn’t know it was anything more than “I’ll see you later”.  I should have known that without me there to help you…but I was too young to think that way.   I heard that you lost your job.  A week later they found your body in the motel with empty bottles strewn about the room.  I’ll always feel that if I had stayed, you might have made it home eventually.  I’ll always feel I had some responsibility I didn’t live up to.  I’ll always regret that I didn’t know that I had really said goodbye.

The last goodbye

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The last goodbye
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Today is the last goodbye, goodbye forever love of mine,
lost in the world here alone, not trying so hard anymore,
I don’t care if you’re with her, it’s time for me to let go,
it’s been 2 months now and nothing had happened,
it’s time to move along my mother tells me,
she doesn’t understand that if it was so easy wouldn’t I let go already?
she doesn’t understand me, she doesn’t comprehend me, she simply doesn’t get it,
that I love you deep deep inside my heart, sometimes I even cry,
but I try to hide because I know they won’t listen,
I wanna talk to you with the truth then I will head out the door and that will be the end of this,
so goodbye will be better

Parting words

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Parting words
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Wishing for answers to questions that I may never know
i’ve always struggled when it comes to letting go
I searched so long for mutuality, something I can’t find in you
why keep wishing on stars, if those wishes don’t come true
I have a simple question i’d like you to answer before you leave
it would be nice if you’d grant me some clarity
When love is lost, who’s the first to know?
the one who’s given up, or the one who won’t let go?
there was a time I would have ripped out my own heart for you
given it in a giftwrapped box, a pretty ribbon, shades of blue
now I wish for you to get tangled in the lies you weave
you thought i’d never know, and that was so naive
there is so much lacking, emotions that don’t show
there is so much distrust, too many issues below
all that’s left for me to do, is stop allowing myself to believe in you
I have to say goodbye, I have to start anew
my love is no longer yours to receive
these are my parting words, now it’s time to leave