Falling Apart

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Falling Apart
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By my approximation, this is my final story.

Life is complex and unfair, an out has been considered

Considered, tried, and failed, but I’m willing to try again

My methods tested and confirmed, I’m ready

I’ll give you one last chance but if you blow it I’m out.

The worst part is you don’t even see what your doing to me

All the emotions, bottled up for so long, are escaping

I’m at my breaking point, like I always knew I would be

I’m ready to snap, this is my last straw

So I suppose the question is, are you willing to comply?

Are you willing to admit you’re wrong and look at me?

Are you able to see yourself and see what I see?

If these things are beyond your abilities, I’m not sorry to say this is goodbye.

Saying goodbye to yesterday

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Saying goodbye to yesterday
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Yesterday’s memories

Yesterday’s tears

Yesterday’s “I love you”

They all belong to yesterday

The will to turn back what was written in stone cannot be reversed

He told me he loved me

He told me “I’m sorry I miss you, please let’s get back together. I won’t make the same mistakes again. I have a plan to see each other every day and kiss.”

I looked into him I saw the sincerity in his words

Who was I to know he told another lie?

I love him so but my friend was right “he’ll break your heart til there’s nothing more to break.”

I gave him the word not be together because he always put his friend first

I’ve heard of best friends that are always there for you but this was enough

I’m here you know I need you too! (my tears fall, fall, fall, fall)

I will never be happy as long as I still see him

I want to leave forever and never come back

He wouldn’t care anymore

The way he loved me like crazy was yesterday’s memory

I cry forever more till the end of my life

What can I do when I’m still a fool in love?

Goodbye my dear sweet friend

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Goodbye my dear sweet friend
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Im sorry this has happened to you my dear friend…
It was all my fault…
The old you had died and someone else came to replace you…
I never knew it would come to this…
It was his fault…
No…It was my fault…
Things won’t be the same with out you here
I promise you one thing my friend…
I will get revenge on the person who did this to you
And I will get revenge the day I will be brave enough to give it…
So goodbye old friend
And hello my new friend…
Hopefully one day we shall meet again…
So rest in peace…
My dear old sweet friend…

Goodbye class of 2011

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Goodbye class of 2011
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Goodbye my dear class of 2011
Let me say a few words before you move on
I want to thank you for this wonderful year
It will be a year I will never forget
I know lots of you will do great things with your talent
Some of us don’t want to leave
We want to go back to the very first day
But…We all have to move on with our lives
Most of you I shall see next year
And little of you I won’t
Have a great year next year
Our year ended with hugs and tears
And that day was hurtful
And to me it will be a day I shall never forget…
Let me say once more…
Thank you class of 2011
For giving me a wonderful year
I won’t forget any of you…
Goodbye Class Of 2011

How am I supposed to trust you?

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How am I supposed to trust you?
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How am I supposed to trust you?

When all you do is lie.

When all you do is break my heart

And I swear I’ll say good-bye!

How am I supposed to believe you?

When what you say is fake

When I give you chances to change

I hope when you tell me, my heart isn’t in rage.


Please, for my sake.

Even if you don’t care for me anymore

For the sake of those who do.

And truly still have feelings for you.

I, honestly, don’t care.

I just don’t want your life in ruins.

How are they supposed to trust you?

How do they know?

Please, inform them.

When will the truth show?