It’s never too late

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It’s never too late
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It feels like I’ve been lost
In my own fantasy
Am too into love
That I forgot that I exist
I forgot that I had friends and family
I was too busy trying to put together the pieces that were missing
But now it’s clear to me that lately I’ve been missed
Today it’s raining
And now am remembering
Going back to my life from today I’ll start to forget the past the one that hurts so much
And focusing now on my tomorrow
Even if I have to cry to the end of this goodbye
I’ll do it
But I want my life back and starting today am going back to it
So Im sorry if I can’t stay
Because today will be a brighter day
And tomorrow will be a new beginning because love ain’t meant to be it’s only a fantasy
Well at least that’s what I see .

Time is Up

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Time is Up
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How would we know when our time has come?
Will we know to say goodbye, to all our loved ones?
Are there any signs to see, or any breath to take?
Will we see our life before us, or see all our mistakes?
Do we do anything before, or know what we will say?
How we live our life, is different every day.
What will pull your plug, and choose your time to go.
It all depends on how you live and what parts of you show.

Too Late Now

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Too Late Now
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I want to hold your hand, so I can hold it while I die.
You know that pill I took, its time to say goodbye.
Too late to cry for, now, I knew that we were through.
The way you made me feel, like I was nobody to you.
So why cry now? What makes you decide to care?
Before you ignored me, like I wasn’t even there.
So, how’s it make you feel to be my cause of death?
You’ll probably tell the next guy, the same lies that you said.
To tell me that I, was the love of your life.
You tell me things again, and they all just turn out lies.

The Last Kiss

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The Last Kiss
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Who am I to know what will be next.
I just live life, and it’s very spontaneous.
Who knew this is the time, for me to say goodbye?
Nobody knew, everyone thinks its all a lie.
I look in her eyes and things start to fade.
I guess this is where karma gets paid.
When I try to explain, as I take my last breath.
The kiss she just gave me, was my kiss of death.

So much pain

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So much pain
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There is so much pain in my heart

There is so much pain in my soul

My body is aching and my mind is breaking


Is there no end in this pain that I am given every day

Will I ever be able to be happy on the inside

Will my heart ever be able to give so much love as it used to

Will my mind ever have the same concepts as it had before all of this

Will I ever be able to forget about you


The day we had to part

I knew I would never be the same again

I knew that the happiness and my smile I would show to others

would only be a facade just to hide the pain inside of me


The day we left each other was not only the day I said goodbye to my love

But it was the day I said goodbye to my love, my soul, my happiness and my joy

I said goodbye to my hopes and my dreams


I have changed so much, not because I wanted to but because I feel I have no purpose and no happiness in my life


How can I explain to those around me that I can never be who I used to be


There is so much pain inside of me

There is so much pain in my heart and soul

My body is aching and my mind is breaking


What should I do if I can’t be with you

If I have no choice what should I do


I can’t be who I was meant to be

I can’t be who I want to  be

And now

Just because I am not with you

I can’t live my life