Goodbye, Sweet Angel

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Goodbye, Sweet Angel
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I’ve seen you in dresses, I’ve seen you in sweatshirts

Every picture reminds me that death hurts.


I loved the sweep of your hair, the curve of your smile

Getting by without you is more than a trial.


You couldn’t stand the pain, you couldn’t take the fall

So you saved yourself by leaving us all.


I’ll miss you today, I’ll miss you tomorrow

But I won’t let myself be overcome with sorrow.

That wasn’t me

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That wasn’t me
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I remember  three years ago,

When my heart was broken and bitter,

I saw a picture of you and I

And decided to let go.

I made myself a promise

That every time I saw you at school,

Knowing that the memories would come back,

I would tell myself it wasn’t me.

It wasn’t me who you asked out,

It wasn’t me who said yes,

I wasn’t my who kissed your lips,

It wasn’t me who held you tight,

It wasn’t me who tried so hard for you,

It wasn’t me who wanted to lose it to you,

I wasn’t me who held your hand,

It wasn’t me who cuddled with you,

It wasn’t me you broke up with,

It wasn’t me who cried herself to sleep all those nights,

It wasn’t me you cheated on,

It wasn’t me you waited a week to break up with,

It wasn’t me who thought I couldn’t get over you,

It wasn’t me who missed you,

And it wasn’t me who’s heart got ripped out.

Every time I see you,

I tell myself these things

And know that I am truly happy now,

Without you by my side.

I’ve learned to move on,

I have found the man I love,

I do love him very much,

He is everything you are not.

You may think you got to me,

That day you tried to break my heart,

But you can never break my heart

Because the girl you dated wasn’t me.



My Secret Shared

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My Secret Shared
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I’m going to share my secret

I’ve kept it for so long

I’m not sure what people will say

They’ll all think it’s wrong


I’ve never felt just like a girl

It’s never felt like me

I know now that I’m a boy

Will anyone else see?


I wear chest binders

I wear boxers and such

I’m cutting my hair short

I love it oh so much


I love finally being myself

I can’t begin to tell

But now I’m happy finally

I’ve come out of my shell


Goodbye Jenn,

Hello Sora.

Tears, pain & a happy end

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Tears, pain & a happy end
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For reasons that  I can’t explain

your all I think about.

knowing that whats coming could be pain

but how times have changed,

how much we’ve grown

from high school days

to being people of our own

its just never easy to understand how it happened

one minute you were here and the next,

the moment had already happened.


am I foolish, must be, why else would I do this.

let you in, so you can rip it all from within

how you come back, but never stay

bring aches to my head, confusion to my mind

break my heart, and questions all day

I’ll handle  pain, sorrow, and the  lonely  f*ck all else

I realized that I love you more than I love myself.

and I admit, I want you, and with this, I’ll prove it


ugh the shit I do, I fall too quick and stay down too long.

when you come back my attention turns to you

the memories come too fast, and leave to slow

so read this, hurry up n say bye

but this time at least I’ll know why.


I had it all wrong about the motive

was never the silly little fights and long nights

or the Arguments for no reason during cuffin season

but f*ck that babygirl don’t you know,

be mine,

and its you my world I’ll show

one hello my way

brings my smile a different kind of glow

if your mine, I’m yours


let go of all the insecurities

and the thoughts you have telling you

that you ain’t cute to me

or how “us as we will never really be”

red light those lies, they all myth, fairy tales & make believe

girl stop it, all I’m thinking about being just you and me

beauty and brains, can’t decide which one first so its a dead heat

be here is something I just wanna do

so  I’ll never be a vegetable dad no dead beat

never let the negativity get the best of you

yeah, thats how the clouds form

but if you let me in ima bring sunlight to your brainstorm


so I’ll wait, and think about this

wait for you with the bad news to hit

I guess I just can’t have you for this ride

the pain is too long when your by my side

the fear is too strong so I hide

the tears are too much so I cried

but when I look back later on I’ll say that I tried.

I guess this time its me that says bye.


If I Have to Say Goodbye

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If I Have to Say Goodbye
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If I have to say goodbye

Would you sing me a lullaby?

Like a child longing at night


If I have to say goodbye

Would you like us to kiss?

Like lemonade sweet and cold as ice


If I have to say goodbye

Would you say words is just an alibi

Like poet without a poem


If I have to say goodbye

Would you write me in heaven?

Like a lonely song without rhythms


If I have to say goodbye

Would you mourn and cry?

Like a sunset fading in the sky


If I have to say goodbye

Would you love me?

Before I die