Desolate Nights

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Desolate Nights
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My nights are spent
in chilling fright.
The sounds hum
over the excitement.
I look beyond…
to find awareness
outside the misty
I hear sirens, birds wildly swaying,
crying, whispers of horror and
gore and crimes of hatred.
I’m not far from the sounds.
They are right near me in the
They are hollering, wailing,
Where are the music,
the love tales, the parties?
I’ve disassociated myself
from them.
I live in fright
from night to night.
The mockingbird
is at my perch…
mocking me…


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I’m going to quit before I start…
in the end I’m going to fail anyway,
so what’s the point of beginning?
Life is hard and even harder when no one loves you.
I get tired of the pain and tired of the shame I feel inside everyday.
My heart beat begins to slow…
There’s nothing in my day that encourages my life to be thrilled or amused.
All there is,
is a painful nocuous burning sensation in my stomach that just won’t go away.