I’m Done

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I’m done of losing my friends….I lost some here on the Internet

People who were like sisters or brothers to me

They all did suicide…I miss them all so much

I made new friends…And I almost lost two last night

I told myself last night if I lose one more person…

I’m gone

I’m tired of being depressed for weeks!

Crying every single day!

Going through the same pain over and over…

Having all the fun times running threw my mind…

I’m just done!

I’m tired of everyone saying things will get better

And I’m really tired of everyone trying to make me feel better

Or trying  to get the old me back!

The old me is gone! She left a long time ago!

I want everyone to get to like this new me…

New me isn’t that bad…

Anyways like I said before I’m done…

I’ve gone through the pain so many times…

I don’t want to go to anymore funerals…

I don’t want to see my friends anymore laying there in a box…

I don’t want to have to lay a rose there on their body and fall to the ground crying

I’m just done!

Moving On

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I’ve cried when you told me over between us…

I’ve been depressed for a long time…

Well you know what


It’s time for me to move on

Before I thought you always come back

But no you don’t need me and I don’t need you

I bet you’ll be doing the same thing you did to me

To the other girls you date

Your a fool

It was a mistake to be with you

I shed too many tears for you

You moved on the day you left me

And now I know



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Why bother with life
When all you get is pain
Nothing good ever happens
It’s all the same
People breaking your heart
But then you wonder why
Why do you even care
Why do you always cry
People say things
Just to get you mad
They wanna see you cry
They wanna see you sad
Others say they’re your friends
But then they talk shit
When you ask if they’re starting stuff
They always deny it
You hate to go home
Because nobody there cares
You just wanna run away
But then you don’t dare
Almost every night
You go stand outside
Look up at the stars
And think why oh why
Sometimes you just wish
That you were dead
Sometimes you just wish
That you could chop off your head
You’ve cut yourself before
But said you would quit
Now you wonder if you can
While your on your bed and sit
It seems like people
Wanna get you in trouble
Seems like people
Are always pretending
Seems like people
Don’t expect you for you
But then there are
Only those few
Why bother with life
When all you get is pain
Why bother with life
When there’s nothing to gain
You slit your wrist
And punch the walls
Dream you were dead
And you weren’t anything at all


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Hollow dreams, broken memories, silenced cries for help…
my skin is cold, my lips dry, my mind draws blanks over and over again.
I lay there beneath the light of the stars and the moon.
I gaze beyond the darkness waiting, waiting, just waiting for someone to realize that I’m here dying.
I want someone to help me, to hold me and rock me to sleep with the sweetest dreams that I could ever have.
I pray to God to let me die, let me go free from this imprisoned body of mine, this hell that has been here for far too long.
I lay in anguish that fills me with an ocean of tears that slowly stain my cold cheeks with warmth of a lost love.
I cry out “HELP ME PLEASE!” can’t anyone see how much I need someone there to help me before I vanish into nothing,
nothing but stricken mistakes, regrets, and anger that have no reason but to eat away at my happiness and leave me in pure despair.
What’s wrong with him what’s wrong with me? I feel empty with no purpose but how could I when I shouldn’t…
he wasn’t there for me ever…yet I still want him here, to hold me, to kiss me, to tell me he loves me with all his heart,
to tell me he wants no one but me and only me, to marry me, to say I will never forget the day I met you was the best day of my life…
but where has that all gone? Has it been forgotten? What was my purpose in life other than to love him and only him? Why can’t I move on???????

Trapped in a forbidden relationship

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Trapped in a forbidden relationship
Trying your best to escape this emotional hell
Being someone you aren’t to please the blind,
lonely idiot you call your lover.
But, you can’t leave.
That idiot holds the key to your freedom.
Im a caged animal with no chances of being free.
Only death will free my emotional soul.