Untouchable And Scared

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I am still untouchable to you.
You still can’t hurt me with your words.
Your words make no sense to me.
Not to be vulgar, but they are just in-your-mouth-turds.

Why won’t you leave me alone?
I haven’t done anything to you!
All I say is nice things!
You’re obsessed with me and I’m through.

Please, get a life.
Please, just move on.
The path that you are on gets you nowhere!
This just can’t be what you do for fun?

You ARE being a cyberbully.
If you continue, I will call the cops.
I swear, I’m not kidding.
The hatred and the meanness just pops.

I’m learning how to hate now.
I really don’t want to know.
I think you need to just leave me alone,
You just need to go.

This behavior is scaring me.
I don’t know what to say.
I’m hiding from you, always will now.
I hope I won’t be scared, someday.

Or don’t.
You’ll just have to see.

Trying To

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Trying to express the way I feel,
To let you know that my pain is real,
To let you know what I feel inside,
Because Inside I’ve already died,

Trying to tell you what the voices say,
As the voices haunt me day after day,
To let you know that deep inside,
That the voices tell me I’ve already died,

Trying to make you understand,
As we walk across the warm soft sand,
Those memories buried deep inside,
Those memories tell me that I’ve already died,

Trying to ask you to forgive,
When I tell you that I don’t want to live,
Because of all the hurt inside,
The hurt that tells me I’ve already died,

Trying to say my last goodbyes,
To end it all, to break all ties,
I’ll miss you all deep inside,
But will you miss me when I’ve died?

Trying to tell you about my death,
As I lie here and take my last breath,
Keep your tears, keep them safe inside,
For I have not gone, I have only died

Take Me Back

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Take me back a year ago.
where I thought I was
living a dream.
Yet I ended up
as always,
a used victim
in the end.

Take me back
five years ago
when I was shown
there was a chance.
Then the world
of loneliness
and told
“this is now your life”.

Take me back
ten years ago
when she moved away
when our worlds
and we forgot to remember
each other.

Take me back
fifteen years ago
when I embraced
a world of darkness
where everyone hides
the truth
to hurt you
to bring you to ruin.

Take me back
twenty years ago
when my parents realized
I was different
when I knew
that I could never
be who they wanted.

Take me back
so that I may change
to avoid causing
so that I may do
what I should have done
all along.

Untitled by Herofil Olarte

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I will love you tomorrow

When hearts feel no sorrow

Like a new day that brightens our way

A simple hello I would gladly say


I understand you’re not ready

To trust a stranger in your way

What else do I have right?

Words, words, perhaps you got bored


Oh, pictures too

I don’t even know it’s true

Like a portrait of Monalisa

Sadness reflects thy eyes


Please tell me you’re real

For I’m not looking for someone

Full of denials

In life full of trials


Tears fall at the moment

You push me away

I don’t know why

I got hurt and suddenly die


Now I feel awkward

To go on forward

Perhaps this is my curse

To live life without any reward

Being Quiet

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When I think about love, I have thoughts go through.
Is this really the stuff, that I want to do?
I think about the times, that we spent together.
Then I ask myself, “Do I want this forever?”
It makes me feel, that we were meant to be.
Can somebody just, explain this to me?
How can I feel like, I can’t live without her?
When we’re happy, and do things with each other.
One minute we’re happy, the next we don’t talk.
Is there something I did, or is this my fault?
Probably so, just wait and you’ll see.
Just watch, because it’ll all come back on me.
I’m good at this stuff, where it all falls apart.
Why do you think that, I don’t open my heart.
Because when I do, it hurts inside like hell.
I have to swallow my pride, and keep to myself.
I learn that’s the way, to live life today.
If not, people wouldn’t like what I say.