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With all the pain I’ve gone through.

With all the heart I’ve put in.

Somehow you’ve managed to make me hurt.

Somehow you have managed to make me hurt
You’ve managed to make me angrier.

You seem to hate what I do.

Can I have one day for just me?

Aren’t you tired of getting in my way? Honestly.

I’ve been put in a shell when you come around.

Every text is like a stern reminder of what you claimed.

You lied to me about her, about everything.

You weren’t here.

Why do you think it’s okay to make me cry?

Why do I let you make me cry?

Why is your number still on my cellphone?

Why is your picture still in my head.

You’ve damaged me.

It’s hard for me to care about anyone now.

How ever often I’ll be able to say that I’m over you, you come back!

You just need to go, and I need to let you.

What you don’t know

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Every part of my mind hates you

But every fiber of my being longs to be with you

To feel your arms wrapped around me,

Your lips pressed against my lips, my hand, my forehead, my neck,

Your hands caressing me and running through my hair

To breathe you in and never let you go again,

Yet my mind scorns you

Reminding me of how you’ve hurt me

Reminding me of how you took my heart

And threw it back, shattered in my face.


Every time you pass me by

I have to fight myself from leaping into your embrace

Or slamming your face into the locker next to me

And after you move out of sight,

I feel dizzy and exhausted

Than how I was before


You mess with my head and with my heart

I Hate It.

You never leave my mind

And I never know what to say

You toy with my emotions
Yet you toy with my emotions

Flirting with me, kissing me

Then ignoring me the next day

And my mind hates you for it

But my heart still longs for you.



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I’m losing my edge

I can’t believe your reaction

Would it make you feel better

If I could control my interests?

I can’t choose who or what I like

And I’m not going to pretend too

If you can’t accept me for who I am,

Interests and all,

Then I have nothing to say to you

I suppose it hurts more that you are family

But there’s nothing you or I can do

So I’m going to live the life I want

And not let your comments affect me

Because I am stronger now

And your words cannot break me down.

I can face down the world

And come out battered but smiling

I finally realized I can be who I want

As long as I’m prepared for haters

So go ahead and try to knock me down

Talk down about my interests, Dad

I am who I am

But I am who I am

I like who I like

Whatever you say or think

You Cannot change that.

I need him

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I need him so much!

I see everyday how he changes his profile picture and I feel like someone punched me in the gut

I want to talk to him so much!

I dislike how girls are breaking his heart

I dislike how he falls in love so easily

But the thing I dislike the most is well…Him talking about those girls so much

It hurts so much and I just want to talk to him again.

I want him to make me smile again

I want him to be the one who loves me and doesn’t use me

I want him to be the one who puts his arms around me and I feel at home

I want him to be the one that I love forever till I’m gone

it hurts not talking to him…My friends think I’ll get over it

But it’s been a month so far I never got over it

Everyday I think about him and start to cry it hurts so much

He meant a lot to me…Actually he still does

To some people he’s just a random guy I can find other guys just like him

But it’s not true he’s one of a kind I can tell and I can’t believe I lost him

Sometimes I wish I never went on vacation if I never did

We would still be talking!

All I want is to talk to him again make me laugh and smile.

I want him to just finally talk to me again…

I don’t think I’ll get that…Ever…Again…

I need him

Too bad it’s over

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The wind and the rain got combined with our love,
The tears and the games got attached to our souls,
The music that plays reminds me of you,
the story of a dream comes true.
Going back to the past just hurts so much.
Knowing I had you and then I let go
When now is the time I need you the most.
You really loved me didn’t you?
but I lied to you now you’re gone for good,
and you ain’t coming back I hurt you too much,
it was time to let go and understand true love,
You suffer so much for an impossible love
So I shouldn’t cry because I deserve this,
and I shouldn’t try ’cause you won’t return,
I think I can deal with that knowing it’s my fault it’s too damn sad.