What Hurts The Most

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When I couldn’t be there for him

When I couldn’t tell him everything

When he walked away

I stood there grieving his absence

Absence I prayed to never return

I wanted to tell him everything that I could

I wanted to know he’s always here

Wanted his love to be my music

Wanted his touch to wipe away my guilt…

My sorrow

My pain

My doubt

My distrust

All the things I couldn’t leave behind

Without him

It hurts

To know he walked away

Me aganist the world

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When life throws a curve ball you just don’t know where to duck and hide.

No one is safe out here just be prepared to be taken on that long ride.

Life is crazy I know they tell me keep my head up but please tell me… How is that so?

I try my best I do… It just always seems that luck just isn’t on my side.

Thats why I buckle up my seatbelt and ride..

Things hurt me inside they really do..

I try to remain positive keep a positive attitude

It just seems that no one wants to see my beautiful smile…

They snatch it of my face like its evil or as if its a sin

I guess its a crime to be happy

I guess its just not meant

Hate just feels like a hobby and a word thats easy to embrace

Love doesn’t live here because if it did I wouldn’t feel this way

I try to be happy you know? Dust everything under a rug..

It just seems that everything always comes back to haunt me

Thats when I come to the conclusion….

Its just me against the world…

I Fell and I Learn

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I once fell into the darkness,
As the evil in my eyes smiled.
I loved to see pain and suffer,
To know I’m alive again.
I laugh at others defeat,
I smiled to claim my victory.
I was evil enough to take my words true:
“I can shoot you,
For I hold a gun before.
At the age of nine,
I pull the trigger and shoot.”
The feeling  of it felt great,
As I live like never before.
But that me was long gone.
The darkness was terrible,
To only see me cry.
In a way, I want love,
To make me smile again.
I promise I’ll never fall again,
And that the dark can never take me.
For I learn that I had hurt others,
Also I hurt myself.
So never once again can the darkness take me.
Because the light is stronger than dark.
And I’ll show you that it is true.

The Roller Coaster Ride

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The Roller Coaster Ride
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This ride is so scary.
There are so many drops.
I pray for the uphills.
But yet, they’re so small.

Sometimes I wish for the ride to be over.
But, it continues to go on.

It seems like when an uphill starts coming up,
Unexpectedly, I turn a different way,
And head down another drop.

How much farther down can I drop?
It seems that I am already so far down.
People try to help me reach the uphills,
But they always fail and I fall right back down.

So many people have already given up.
I wish I could give up too,
Because all I see ahead are drops,
But I see no end.
It’s still so very far ahead.
It’s almost like it never ends.

All the pain.
The suffering.
I wish it could end.
But alas, it is hopeless.

I am a coward.
I will have to continue,
Living through my, which seems, never ending nightmare.
As people take advantage of me and I no longer care.
Or do anything to stop it.
Because it is hopeless.
I am hopeless…

As I sit here,
Slowly dying inside.
Losing all hope.
And all I can see now is darkness.
As it surrounds me,
Taking me away from those who care about me,
And I let no one in,
‘Cause I am afraid to be hurt anymore.

For if I am hurt anymore,
I may break,
And never be the same.
I will no longer be the girl everyone sees me as.
I will be nothing.
A forgotten memory.

In my place will lie glass,
From my shattered dreams.
From my thoughts that were never shared.
A shadow,
From my destroyed heart.
And a small ball of light,
From the hope,
That I have lost…


Never meant to hurt

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My decisions never meant to hurt

I just don’t see any good in this

Maybe it’s right to face reality

For me to realize that you’re the worst

compared to anyone else.

I’m right on the edge

trying my best not to fall

but its not enough

now I’m gone and you know

that i’ll try to find myself again

if it’ll be the last the last time

to suffer from this

i’ll try a little harder to say my last goodbye

’cause I can’t take to say another lie

it’s something that I just can’t do.