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Revenge is never the answer

but sometimes its the answer

to all of your problems.”

Into the darkness revenge

is the answer to all your problems

All forms of black magic exist in such a dark thing.

Sooner or later hatred turns into revenge

Jealousy is so dark

that’s why it is the key to revenge

Revenge is dark

Revenge so bad

Revenge, Revenge

Is revenge ever the answer?”


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You sleep next to me

Unaware of the turmoil raging in my mind
I like you
Like a lot
More than I should
Every time you put your arms around me,
My heart skips a beat
My breathing quickens
My cheeks flush
My skin heats
And I pray you don’t notice
These changes in me
Dear Lord why now do you do these things?!
Why now when I belong to another
And can not belong to you
Though my heart longs for it to be so?!
Why now?
Why now after all this time do you step forward and ask me to dance?
Why now do you hold me?
Why now do you kiss me when you think I won’t notice?
Why now?
Why now do you admit your feelings for me?
I can not return them!
I will only hurt you
And me
And him.
Why now do you admit to me
Why now do you let me know
Why now when I can not love you

It’s So Dark

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Why is it so dark?

All the time?

Is the morning going to come?

I was fine,

When all of a sudden

The morning didn’t come.

The darkest before the morn

Remained before

The darkest nights.

Maybe I will close my eyes

And dream of a bright morning

Counting on the fact

That every day

No matter how predictable,

Is unpredictable

And up to God.


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Red, red the color of red.
Red, red is all she dreads.
Red, red if falls from her chest
Down to her feet
Till she’s on her knees
Kneeling in her pain of red.
She looks at her chest
And watch as the red
Drips from the wounding of her heart
Into the puddle of red
that sits beneath her.
Red falls from her eyes
As she cries
All the hurt that is inside.
She can’t help but take the pain
That will always remain the same.
For red has taken over her soul.
Never will it be back
To the colors
Of joy and wonder.
Lover and happiness.
For red is hurt and sorrow
That will continue tomorrow
And for all those days after.
Red, red the color of red.
Red, red is all she dreads.


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Some one close to me
Hurt my feelings and hurt me.
It was as if the cane I rely on
Beat me, on and on.
My nurse, because of strife
Plunged in me a knife.
Now it is stuck in me
O why me, why me?
If I take it out
I might spout
My life blood all over
And color red on the clover.
If I leave it in
It hurts within.
O why, Oh why
Under any sky
Would anyone hurt me so,
I don’t know.
But dear God
On earth, hold my bod
I will rest in your grace
While you give me time and space
To know we really live
When we forgive