Hurt no more

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During the happiest days of my life,
I prayed to God you’d be my wife.
But now you’re gone,
And my heart is in pain.
My life went from great,
To being…..just plain.
And everytime I close my eyes,
I see your gorgeous face.
And now I pray to God,
My feelings……to erase.
Because with my feelings gone,
I will hurt no more.
And my little heart,
Will no longer be sore.

It hurt to face the truth

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If you only knew how I feel
If you only knew what I think
Every time I look at you
My heart just seems to shrink
You took your love away
Like it didnt hurt to say
That you didn’t love me anymore
And you wanted to get away
It’s like my life was over
And it hurt to face the truth
Why was this happening
What did I do
To make you change your feelings
Which were once so very deep
And looking back at the memories
I cannot help but weep.

Why does it hurt so much

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Why do I care so much?
why do I still try?
why does it hurt so much
when there was never anything there?
why does it make me cry?
why you and not some1 else?
will you ever care?
will you ever be able to dry my tears?
will it always be you?
will you ever get over yourself
and open up your eyes?
I ask myself those questions everyday
but cannot find any answers.
maybe now you might realise what I go through everyday
and how much it hurts!
but you will never change!!

I Escaped

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I cannot take this no more
The lies the pain the thought of myself
I just want to hide deep inside myself
where nobody will look

All the fairy tales say once upon time~
Deep down inside there I was confused
Never wanted to come out
Inside my wall I put up years ago
and no one noticed I escaped

No one gets me
they say I’m still here but how can they know
when all they see’s my body never inside my soul

Nothings wrong~ if you don’t ask
I may look happy during the day
but I cry myself to sleep at night
No one knows no one cares
My body’s still here but I ran off a long time ago
with my soul and my heart

Please just look and you will see what’s left of me
Look deep into my eyes past the hope that I once had past the hurt
and look deep deep inside and you will see I left,
because what was once inside is empty

Can’t you see??

I escaped.