All day I’m hurt and wonder why

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All day I’m hurt and wonder why
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Why am I here?
Why don’t I die?
Once I was happy, confident and carefree
What happened to the days when I could be me,
On the surface I smile and act like Im alright,
But when I get home I cry all night,
This pain I feel why won’t it go away?
I wish they’d stop what they are doing
coz it’s not okay.
I don’t know what Im doing
and I don’t know what I’ve done,
I wish they’d just leave me alone
because they know they’ve won,
I wish that they could see,
That they’re killing me!

You didn't know

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You didn't know
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You didnt know,
How you hurt me so,
You didnt know,
That i couldnt let go.

You never knew,
How i felt about you,
You will never know,
Cause I will never show.

These feelings I hide,
Are taking over my life,
But you dont care,
You werent even there.

How long will it take for you to see?
That you and me were meant to be
I dont know how i can show,
What you yourself, can never know.

I’m not going to let him hurt me anymore

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I’m not going to let him hurt me anymore
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I bring the gun to my head,
thinking of the nights I dread.
Im not going to let him hurt me anymore,
the pain I feel is eating at my core.
Why cannot I just get the courage and turn him in,
I know that what he does to me is a sin.
I cannot live like this,
he used to have such a tender kiss,
But now he’s not the same,
Im tired of playing this sick game.
I pull the trigger, now Im dead.
The nights are now behind me,
the nights I used to dread.

The Hurt in Your Eyes

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The Hurt in Your Eyes
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Thirteen years
of pain and tears
my love for you
was always true

The things I’ve done
I know not why
I see the hurt
well up in your eyes

When you’re not here
a part of my soul does die

Each night in bed
alone I cry

Soulmates once
but now no more

My heart bleeds for you
right to the core

I love you so
and always will

Regret is always
the bitterest pill

Hurt in eyes
Hurt in eyes