Your turn to hurt

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Your turn to hurt
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When I first saw you,
I thought you were too good to be true,
The innocent look in your eyes,
Made me realize I loved you,
For days I acted perfect to see if you liked me too,
You started flirting and I thought,
It must be too good to be true,
And it was,
Who ever thought some one like you could hurt me so bad,
I saw you flirting with other girls,
I didn’t know what to do,
I loved you,
We became friends and I was so happy,
But one day you told me you hated me,
That very moment my heart shattered,
I wanted to cry,
But not in front of you,
So I ran home,
And that night I cried a million tears,
I hope you are happy now,
I don’t care about anything or anyone now,
All because of three words,
Well now it’s your turn to hurt,
Your turn to cry,
Your turn to live your life just wishing you would die,
I hope these words make your life totally blue,
‘I hate you’

Two sides

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Two sides
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It’s easier for you to just walk away
Than it is to reach out to me
It’s easier for you to just turn around
Than to see the depth of my despair
It’s easier for you to just look through
Than it is to see the real me
It’s easier for you to distance yourself
Than it is for you to care
It’s easier for me to just look away
Than it is to see the betrayal in my eyes
It is easier for me to cry
Than it is for me to speak
It’s easier for me to walk alone
Than it is to face rejection
It’s easier for me to keep to myself
Than it is to create a new projection
It’s hard for me to smile
When Im hurting
It’s hard for me to talk
When you don’t understand
It’s hard for me to reach out
When I need help as well
It’s hard and wounding
Trying to get up without a hand
If only once you’d really look at me
And see who I really am
If only once you’d really listen to me
And only try to understand
Why I want you to care about me
Without asking why
Then maybe you’d validate my feelings
And realize why I cry

Even though you hurt me

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Even though you hurt me
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I still love you even though you hurt me
You broke my heart into two.
Do you wake up in the middle of the night
to wish things were all right?
It will never be the same.
I got caught up in your game.
I wish on a star that one day
I wont have to cry
Also wish that I would die.
Cause I got up in lies
Do you ever think about me
the way I do for you?
How can you leave me for her?
What makes her better than me?
She will never be better than me.
She will never love you the way I do.
I just want you to know that my love is for real.
But you had to seal my heart into two,
too bad for you.

I’m scared to be hurt again

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I’m scared to be hurt again
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Im scared.
I wouldn’t care to admit it, but Im.
Im scared like a wounded wild bow
in the black jungle with a deep wound!
The painful soul behind a branch!!
While my pain rampage around,
Fighting against me,
Im scared to be wounded again!
Im scared to be hurt again!
No body can find me?
Well! Im hiding behind a branch!
When the sun rise,
When I see the blue sky,
I come out
Even though I have a weeping heart,
I have to walk away with a brave face
And while walking I think aloud,
How can I know a caring heart and honest eyes?
I never knew the world to be so wicked and cruel.

Im scared, Im scared to trust again!