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Stuck deep inside my own thoughts,
Questions tieing my mind in knots,
Feeling lonely and feeling afraid,
But most of all, feeling betrayed.

The guy that always used to be there,
The only one I felt that truly cared,
Stabs my back and tells me lies,
And leaves me here alone to cry.

Then he comes home and tries to make up,
But deep down inside I am still hurt,
Using precious time he cannot see,
Not realising this crushes me.

My Heart

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With all my heart

I can still remember the days
I’ve been hurt so many times
A hopeless world of broken promises
So much suffering and the hurt still remains
Knowing I like you and I’ve taken the risk
So confused and I don’t know how to deal with it
For I know you feel the same, you’ve been hurt too

Why trust and love seem fading in our world?
Does good deed now seek an audience?
Like charity waits for its final recognition
Need some time for awhile before it heals
Even though the scars will remind me of you
I’ve gambled everything, my hope
My life in the palm of your powerful words

You’ve given me wings and took me high
Like an angel lifting a human soul to heaven
Afraid, yes I am but trusted you with all my heart
Suddenly in our journey you let go for no reason
Letting me fall in bottomless pit of unknown abyss
If only you took me where you are
I am sure I could love you with all my heart

Now I am crawling in the valley of death
Without no one to hold neither to cry on
All I got is my dying dreams and a token of hope
I drink with my tears to just quench my thirst
Oh, shameless agony of a begging heart
Take me to the light, so I may find my way
Let the sky dim for it’s burning me, so I may rest
And may the rain pour from careless heaven
So I may wash away the dust of my shivering soul
And hide away my worthless tears of my misery

Someday, somehow things will fall into its places
I bear that in mind for you are being treasured
Where the maker would take me to my final destiny
I would proudly say, I’ve loved and saved one soul, just one
A life who dares to make a difference in my journey
In a world built for those who understand
The worth of a meaningful living
No matter how unbelievable or crazy I am to those
Who ever understand the fulfillment and joy it brings
For I will still love and to trust someone
Whatever that might be and even it will take away
The last breath of my dying lost soul

Life Pain

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Dark deep thoughts in which I fear
Often wishing I could disappear,
Problems I cannot bear to solve,
Wishing I was no longer involved.

I wish I could fly so far away,
From painful dilemmas I face each day,
Or curl up tightly on the floor,
To cry out all the hurt, once more.

Life hardly ever seems to be fair,
And you hurt end up hurting those who care,
I often think that life would be,
A hell of a lot better without me.

Long for a happy end

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We grew up together,
We were close,

Time went by and it was time to graduate,
That in which I hate,

Because we would have to move on,
And have to say so long,

I moved away,
And he stayed,

It had been two years since we saw each other,
And when we did we had great laughter,

We talked about old time and our lives,
There were some things I despised,

It was time to say goodbye again,
When would we see each other when,

A few months later I heard he was engaged,
There was a big part of me that was full of rage,

Because I liked him in school,
And I still do yet I really do,

As the months doubled,
I ran into some trouble,

I had to move home,
though I moaned for so long,

I heard things didn’t go well for him,
As I prayed the lord and said amen,

I was hurt inside,
Because it looked like he wanted to cry,

He moved home,
Now I didn’t feel so alone,

We hung out a lot,
As he told me the whole plot,

I told him I liked him more than I should,
He said maybe someday if he could,

He’s my best friend,
I hope this stray will soon have a happy end!