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I know I’ve hurt you,
and every thing I say, you think is untrue.
You may of been mistaken you may of been mislead,
Its miss judgment of what I said.
So please let me explain again,
I wish you no sorrow, I wish you no pain,
happiness is all I ask.
living in a world of drugs, will it last?
drugs are no good,
look at who? and what you’ve lost??
It will suck you in at any cost.
The green eye’d monster at its best,
its either jail or laid to rest.
What ever the out come that’s up to you?
don’t you just wish you had control in what you do??
Same routine day in, day out,
underneath wanting to scream and shout.
I cannot be 2nd best, I refuse,
going for a hit in the lady’s loo’s.
Not knowing whether you have gone over or you’re alright?
Living a life of fear and fright.
I know your love will be deprived,
As gear at its best is your life.
I want to love and to be loved,
no 2nd hand goods.
So now have I made it clear to you?
there is no future in us too.

Until you came into my life

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Air so pure, sun so bright.
Until you came into my life
What you did and what you said was not right.
You said you loved me and the sun came out,
You said you needed me and the air was pure.
Until you came into my life.
Your yelling and hurtful words have poisoned the air.
Your neglect to my body and emotions
have made the sunset forever in my heart.
Air so poisoned, sun so dark.


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I don’t blame you for my pain,
its not your fault people play there sick twisted games.
Yea Im hurt and often cry,
as there’s a question to be answered (WHY).
What gives people the rite to put me through humiliation and shame?
I guess we’ll never know as me and him are not the same.
As a mother it must been hard for you,
not knowing the torture your baby girl went through.
You did the best you could,
you shone through with the love.
The monster he walked free,
not a shed of guilt, just the next victim whippee.
Hurt and anger is all I know,
Im a lovely person in time it will show.
Until then bare with me,
the time is rite Im set free.
so believe me when I say, i don’t blame you for any of this,
its just some people take the piss

You are Not the same

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I no you don’t see my pain,
as me and you are not the same.
You live in a world that is sick,
hurting people to get your kicks.

I often wonder what goes on in your head,
why such an evil live you’ve led?
What gives you the rite to take my sanity?
an innocent victim of your fantasy.

I often sit here and cry,
thinking of that dreaded question (WHY)
The judge he’s no better than you, he let you walk free,
no-ing what you did to me.

All the hurt and anger, I live through each day.
freedom is all I want, is there a way?
I don’t no how you go on, and live every day life?
as I’ve got to put up with the heartache and strife.

An apology wouldn’t go a miss,
but it would be more reason for you to take the pxxs.
I guess we’ll never be the same,
as you, your playing a sick twisted game.

You hurt me

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I sit here with a frown on my face
not knowing where my life went
the rain is a sad depressing thing
it brings back memories and what went
together we were like a sky with all its stars
but apart we were like the 9/11
I crash and crash and I fall and fall
until Im nothing but ashes and left over pieces
you’ve hurt me and torn me in too
till there was nothing left!
Im a dead ghost walking the streets
I will haunt you forever
until you die
just so I can make you realize
what you’ve done to my dead worn out heart..