Why me…….???????

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Why me…….???????
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i saw somewhere these words
love is heaven..but it hurts like hell..
very true..a beautiful reality
and thats myself is all about..
i don’t even know whats happening to me
why i got such a punishment
coz i always prayed for my loved ones ?
coz i never wanted to see anyone suffering ?
or b’coz i showed justice to myself
i’m walking alone unknowingly
whats there at the very end of this path..
there are so much pain in all these ways
but i am not getting hurt..i’m not feeling the pain
darkness everywhere..but Im not afraid..
i don’t know ..sometimes it hurts so badly..
sometimes i’m aware of myself..
holding all my pains inside my small heart
its getting heavier…sometimes it bursts
as tears..as screams..as pain..
..can anyone tell me why..why this to me?
good god..i haven’t hurt anyone knowingly..
and i don’t know if unknowingly..
but why did you play with my life..
i have always bowed in front of you for the whole world
with my trembling lips
with tears in my eyes
with pain in my throat
and this was your blessing in return..
don’t know what fate is going to play with me
but i am never gonna give up..
will pray to you as i always did..
will pray for this world..
will pray for my love..
you will have to listen..
and if not, i will come to you
and will raise my head and ask you
why me…??????????

What Now

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What Now
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Why won’t you let me express myself
why won’t you let me breath
why do you smother me
why won’t you stop
why are you doing this you woman beater
you finally show your true colors
i feel like your laughing at me
from the glass of a two sided mirror
as you plan to destroy me
what now
what do i do
i love him
he hurts me physically, mentally, and emotionally
i spend every hour feeling hurt wanting to cry
what now
i don’t know where to go
i don’t know what to feel
i don’t know how to cry
i don’t know why so
what now ?

The End by Lovee.Hurts

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The End by Lovee.Hurts
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As i stand

tall and straight

i look at my reflection

staring back at me in the mirror

i see the hurt and pain in my eyes

suddenly i start to cry

i look down

i can’t take the pain

i pick up my friend

one that can stop the hurt forever

i aim it towards my body

as my hands start to shake

i can’t take this pain

it’s overbearing my soul

as we almost reach our destination

i hear a loud buzz

i looked to see who it was

my pain

my pain is the reason I’m in this

you betrayed me you bitch

with your wicked ways

you were supposed to be my friend

the one i come to in the end

you were supposed to have my back

when i can’t even have my own

you were supposed to be there

when i needed you

now you want me to stop

f*ck you

i pick up my friend

and finish what i began

it goes in deep

slicing me

now my pain can finally end

just as soft as it began

i stroke my hand

and call my ex friend


A few little cuts

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A few little cuts
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It all started with a knife,

A blade that shined so bright,

That would scar pale flesh

On that dark and lonely night.

A few little cuts that would just get deeper

And deeper they did go,

As little lines of crimson blood

Stained the skin, white as snow.

Then something would happen

And away this mind would fly,

This body unable to stand

Beginning to feel high.

The scars will begin to fade,

But forever they’ll be there,

Bringing shame to that hand

Hoping no one will stare.

The pain is so good

But it only just a feeling,

She knows it’s time to stop

And begin some form of healing.

Only it’s hard to stop

No matter how hard she tries

And with every new cut forming

Brings tears to her eyes.

She must try harder to stop

And harder she will do,

Hoping one day she’ll just stop hurting

And free from harm will be true




My Heart, Your Knife

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My Heart, Your Knife
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“If I wake you from this dream would your scars be healed?  If I heal your scars would they stop bleeding? If I heal your scars what stories would you have left to tell. Would you tell a story of darkness? Or a story of happiness? You trusted me and I let you down! Over and over I lied to you about my stories, about my life! Over and over again you trusted me and in return I stabbed your heart.”

It was my heart, your knife, my pain, my scars. You say that you are sorry but I always knew that was never true! I trusted you! I trusted you with my life! And in return you stab my heart! After the damage is done you say that you’re sorry but I know that’s a lie! You ask for forgiveness as if its easy to forgive. If I tell you that’s it’s all over would you beg on your knees until I forgive? Or until you have nothing left to give? Would you offer your life? Would you offer your soul? Even though I am very mad at what you did I can never take your soul and claim it as my own. I will never did what you did! I will never leave you in the darkness to die! And I will never stab your heart!! And I will never trust you again!!

“It was your heart, my knife, your pain, your scars. I am sorry for what I did can you ever forgive me? I know what I did was wrong, but what I did was so long ago. Will you hold a grudge until I’m gone?!? Will you?!? Will you hold a grudge until all of my tears have been shed? Or until all of your blood has been drained from your body? Why won’t you accept my apology? Why won’t you listen to what I am saying? I regret everything that I did!! Don’t you hear the sadness in my voice? You say you are the only one that is living in pain!! That is where you are wrong!! Day and night I have to live with grief!! Everyday I have to live with mistake that I made!! I am sorry for what I did! I am sorry for everything that caused you pain! I am sorry for ever stabbing your heart!!

It was my heart, your knife, my pain, my scars. I will never forgive for what you have done to me! You left me in the darkness alone!! You left me there to die!! My heart is black as night now, that is because of you!! You left here so my fate could change. But now my fate is sealed hidden from all!! The dark ashes are falling over me, burying so I can’t be found. Many years I have spent living in darkness! Many years I have spent here living in sorrow! You’re the reason why my heart is now black! Your the reason why I am always in darkness!! And you’re the reason why I am all alone!!

“it was your heart, my knife, your pain, your scars. I am the one who put you in the shadows to suffer!! I am the one who trapped your heart and placed in front of sorrow’s eyes. I am the one who caused you all this pain. You trusted me and in return I tricked you. As a reward I am given a crown of thorns and your soul. I dance around so happy to finally receive what I always wanted, but deep down inside I though about you….I thought about the pain that I have caused you….”

It was my heart, your knife, my pain, my scars!! You dance around ‘oh so proudly when you should be the one living in constant sorrow and constant darkness!! You should be the one trapped in here with all of these scars, you should be the one being drowned in the sound of screaming! Swallowed in the darkness an evil entity takes control of me, making me do things that I can’t control. ..It was my heart, your knife, my pain, my scars that brought you down to your knees. AS you fall the only thing that lingers was a soft whisper that escaped from your dying lips.

“Didn’t I apologize?”