Something from the past

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Open scares, you dug deeper with all your lies,
like a child I was a fool,
you painted yourself as chocolate bar,
drew me in and let me drool,
yeah you thought that was so cool,
gave you my heart thinking you wouldn’t be the one to part,
but it seems I wasn’t all that smart,
to be honest I don’t give a fart..
it doesn’t hurt cause it didn’t last,
or cause I stopped seeing your pretty face way to fast,
but cause you were the only one who could truly make me laugh

Free to go

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I can’t believe you did that, you forgot? Well, sit back.
I’m about to explain all the pain you’ve caused,
without a doubt you never looked back,
you didn’t even notice me fall.
I looked to you for guidance,
you always sought to bring hurt,
I can’t believe I loved you,
at this point you’re just like dirt.
You’re dirty and dark, for robbing my heart.
You’re a snake in the grass,
I’m just ready to cut it,
when my friends mention you,
I feel so disgusted.
I don’t remember your look,
but it’s burned in my head,
I remember the nights,
we burned in my bed.
The lust you showed was just a phase,
it’s like you were never there,
always stoned, high, or blazed.
You did your own things,
and I did mine as well,
my love was too strong,
why couldn’t you tell.
I was always the nicest and I’d always bring gifts,
the most you would do was say “Come here, give me kiss”.
If I dared to say “No”,
you’d strike me so hard,
I would lay there and feel dead,
the whole damn nine yards.
But now I’m proud,
to walk in a crowd and honestly say:
I feel bad for your ways.
The path that you took,
was utterly unacceptable,
your screams would top buildings,
it would reach different decibels.
I’d be scared to come home,
especially being alone,
for I never knew,
when exactly you’d come through.
You had me insecure,
and you liked me that way,
but I’m telling you, honey,
and Im sorry to say:
You’re shit out of luck because you won’t see me anymore.
I, now, feel relieved because Im free to walk out the door.


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At the moment I feel stressed,
I feel my life’s one big mess.
Hiding behind a front is no good,
all I want is to be loved.

All the things we’ve got to hide,
getting through each day from stride to stride.
all the early mornings, late nights, I cannot handle,
all I feel is to strangle.

The medication makes me sleepy and dosy,
I’ve stopped taking this, because without it I feel cozy.
The stress of the trial, my mum’s mate,
I don’t know what will happen, I’ll only see from fate.

Then the hurt and anger I carry inside,
I feel to curl up and die.
Finding a way to see people and get through the day,
I keep asking myself is there a way ?

Well Im sick of feeling like this,
as some people take the piss.
I hope to help myself, and for you to help me too,
so no more anger and feeling blue.

I’ll never hurt you

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I love you babe,
I really do,
You’re on my mind 24/7,
When Im with you, I feel like Im in heaven.
You make my heart beat fast,
and I know it will last.
You’re so fine,
And you’re all mine.
I know we’ll always be 2geva,
Hopefully Forever and ever.
The way you laugh,
the way you smile.
makes my life worth while.
Dreams do come true,
as I’ve now got you.
trust me babe,
please do.
You should know, I’ll never hurt you.
I love you babe with all my heart,
and no-one will pull us apart.
we are together.
and it will be forever,
believe me girl, please do,
I will never hurt you