Chose Wrong

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You’re an ass
You’re a jerk
I shed a tear
My heart hurts

I chose wrong
Thought I chose right
I will be strong
No longer fight

You only think of yourself
And no one else
You’re selfish and self-centered
This holy union I have stupidly entered

If only your friends & family knew
you for who you really are
Would they still like you
Or hit you with their car

The sun will shine
This hurt will pass
I will not pine
So kiss my ass!

Why would one take their life?

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It’s difficult to understand
why one would take their life.
Only God can comprehend
a soul so racked with strife.
Life brings many challenges
and some just cannot cope.
The intensity of their suffering
causes them to give up hope.
God knows their heart and mind,
the hurt and pain they’ve known.
Only He, their judge shall be,
as they return back home.

Did it even matter </3

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Did it even matter all the tears I cry?
Did it even hurt you when you said goodbye?
Did you even care when I wasn’t there?
Did you even wonder where you could found her when that girl is me?
Did you even listen when I talked to you?
Did you try finding someone new?
When you saw me crying did it really bother you?
Did it make you wonder if it was for you?
Did you really mean it when you said I love you,
or you just said it to calm me down?
When I wasn’t around did you think of me?
Did you realize I was always there when you needed me?
Did you even wonder if you woke up one day everything was a dream
and I wasn’t there when you woke up?
What will you do I wonder now?
Could you live without me or without my smile..?

Brick Wall

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Lying dead helpless
Can’t move or breathe
Black eyes are all on me
Shunning and labeling
The smell lingers still
Of the disgusting words
I hear every single day
Behind the brick wall
I keep my self safe
The lies you told me
The memories that were fake and unreal
I should’ve known it was front to keep me locked up
Hurt and disrespect
Was all I got for years
But now I’m breaking
Breaking the brick wall that kept me safe
Gonna get wings and fly away
From the abuse and misuse
Im not a play thing
Im a human being
So this brick wall is coming down
Every strike of disrespect
Makes holes till it falls
I can only keep it in only so long
So say goodbye
For my brick wall is broken
And I got my wings

Conviction? or not?

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I’m not a person anymore
Who can dig me out?
It’s not worth wondering
Because i’ll survive
Surviving your illness
That’s shuns onto my brain
It hurts and it hurts again
Everything around me
No one can see
Except for you and I
I see the matrix and not you
You’re still asleep
And then you’re a puppet
That he enjoys keeping
Come follow me
He’s said in the book
The truth will set you free
And for us his life they took