May you find true happiness I once felt

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It hurts in my heart to know that you can never love me.
I wish I could end the pain,
but I can’t escape from the life I live here on earth.
I want to die but would you really miss me, would you care if I was gone?
I ask myself what is the point of life if you can’t have the one you love,
but as I cry these tears of blood, I say to you.
may you find true happiness even if it’s not with me,
the happiness that I once felt when I was lying next to you.

Do not stare at me

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Close your eyes Don’t stare at me
‘Coz I don’t wanna see The pain you have The emotions you feel
When you stare at me And know that it can’t be
The bond we share Is meant to stay
As it is now And never developed…Into something real
I don’t want to hurt you
So Close your eyes Don’t stare at me
The bond we share Can never be real
Close your eyes Don’t stare at me
I don’t wanna see The emotions you have The pain you feel

I am hurting

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Am I that ugly?

Am I that undesirable?

Am I that unfortunate when it comes to love?

Does the time of having someone who could accept me for being me will ever come?

Am I ever going to meet that person?

Does the hurt that I am feeling right now will ever fade?

I am hurting and I don’t know how to mend all the bruises of my heart

and I can’t hold my tears that keep on pouring down….


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What do you do,
When so called friends,
Are the ones who hurt you.
What do you do,
When you’re the one,
That the guy you like is all over,
But your friends aren’t there when he is.
What do you do,
When you just want to cry.
What do you do,
When there’s no one there to listen to your story,
And to hear how you really feel.
What do you do,
When you hate your parents,
But want to cry in their arms the next second.
What do you do
When there’s nowhere to go.