Hurt is necessary

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There is nothing in life that does not hurt

Hurting helps us mature

Hurting helps us progress


Even though hurting is so painful

Hurt is necessary

Getting hurt works out for the best


Nothing in life does not hurt

Hurt teaches us


And even love hurts


Being hurt or getting hurt

Helps us mature

Helps us learn

Helps us in the long run

Because we learn through the process of hurt how to be strong

Every Day I hope I will see you again

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Every Day I hope I will see you again
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Every day I look out of my window

My eyes search for you

Every day I hold on to the hope

The hope that I might see you

I tried to forget you

I tried to let go

I tried to make sense of it all

But the more time passes

The more it hurts me to be without you

I count every day, since the day we had to part

I keep on telling myself it is over

And that I should let go of the past

I try to forget you

And all the memories we made

I try to forget all the good times, the smiles and laughter we shared

I try to forget the closeness, the bond

But the more I try to forget

The more I remember

The more I dislike the people that left us no choice but to part

Although I know it is over and you are gone

I still look out of my window

And hope that I will see you again


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The ambiguity of your feelings towards me
left me with questions and doubts
Do you feel the same?
or am I just creating another illusion…
I wanna cry my heart out when I saw you talking with another girl
It pierced my heart and it burst and bleed
Why do I hurt this much?
Should I give up this idea that your going to like me
or should I continue waiting and hoping that someday you will feel the same
Pathetic! Yes I am!
And, I am hanging.

I Really Should

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I should do the things you accuse me of

I should make you wish you weren’t in love

I should make you cry and wish that I was there

I should make you see it isn’t fair

I should show you how you make me feel

I should show you the pain is just unreal

I should be unappreciative and mean

I should say there is somewhere else I’d rather be

But I could never hurt you the way you repeatedly hurt me