You are Unforgivable

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I’m afraid that what you’ve done is unforgivable

You lied to me and you didn’t apologize!

You ignore me and I doubt you even know you’re doing it..

You don’t even try to make me happy..

You’re disrespectful to my best friend..

You never show you care! Even my friends notice..

You don’t care what I do, even when it concerns you..

I do my best to get you to care, but all I get are blank responses..

It seems you only flirt with me to keep me interested..

I feel like a backup plan, and it hurts me..

Yet I can’t let go!

You don’t even trust me..

And I still can’t leave you; I love you

But if I had one wish, it would be that I never met you

I can’t explain what I feel for you.


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I have severe mood swings and I can barely handle them myself

I’m sure I have insomnia; I either don’t get to sleep or wake up often

I feel worthless and I have no motivation

I’m slowly losing weight and losing interest in my hobbies

I’m always tired and I can’t change it easily

I think about death and ideas on how to end my life daily

I fantasize about hurting myself

I can’t stop crying and I don’t know why

My friends call me hostile and I haven’t had an appetite lately

I’ve been cutting myself for two years, and I’m partly anorexic

So tell me, what’s wrong with me? Do I need help?

Have you seen it?

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Have you heard the way they lied
Hide, tried and looked in disguise
They changed their names
Foolish as it may seem
And sounds almost the same

Have you heard the way they lied
Horrible, terrible and so unwise
They roll the dice but hide like mice
Oh dear, that’s not very nice
Even you’re a girl or merely just a guy

Have you seen the way they pretend
Friendship blows in wide open
Smooth and cool as wind
And they very much know how to blend in
Careful they might hurt you in the end

Have you seen the way they pretend
Have you seen the way they lied
Have they seen how much it hurts
Have they seen how much i’m in pain
And the misery It will bring them in the end

Perhaps you’ll lie and pretend the same…

It is hard to hide your flaws

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I don’t want to lose you

I can’t forget you

From the start I tried my best

To be honest with you

Make it clear to you who I am

And what we have to deal with


I had in mind a perfect relationship

But I see now that it is hard to hide your flaws

And it is hard to hide those things that you should not know

I tried to protect you

I tried to be whom you needed me to be


But I see now even though this relationship is built on honesty and trust

We still get hurt in the emotions of love



I Never Meant To Hurt You

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I never meant to hurt you

My words to you are true

I know you will not believe me

As I know you by now

I don’t know how to convince you

I didn’t mean to confuse you

I am too afraid to get my heart broken

So I broke your heart first

You see I got used too many times before

So I thought you would do the same

I do realize now that I was wrong

I hope it is not too late to say Im sorry

I never meant to hurt you

My words to you are true