Hopes and Dreams

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As the past dwells upon me,
I think to myself.
About what I have done,
to everyone else.

I’ve made their hearts hurt,
and gave them beliefs.
I make myself give up,
and caused them all griefs.

I know that to me,
I have no reason.
I just face the facts,
and then I move on.

Who knows the way,
to fix the mistakes?
I think that there’s no way,
its just what you make.

Live life to the fullest,
the best way you can.
Not everyone is perfect,
just know where you stand.

We all make mistakes,
just know your limit.
Whatever you make of it,
is what you will get.

It just goes to show,
its not all what it seems.
We just have our hopes,
and all of our dreams.

The End

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As I close my eyes, I try to let the past go.
Every time, more stuff starts to show.
It reminds me of more things, I don’t want to know.

When you try to figure out, what parts are true.
Just give up, because the rest will disappoint you.
You keep on trying, and get hurt as you do.

The thoughts in my head, as I see my mistakes.
I feel all the pain, as I cause all the aches.
All I can see, is that I’m a disgrace.

I look at the ones, whose lives I cause pain.
I feel that I’m the mistake, the one who is to blame.
I shouldn’t live my life, with all of this shame.

My perspective of life, has changed since then.
Can this be fixed, or at least make it end?
With my luck, it will happen again and again.

This is the place, that many call hell.
I live it each day, some can’t even tell.
I show no emotions, on how far I fell.

Just say no to all, because you are the one.
You know the cause, it’s from everything you’ve done.
Just put it to an end, to help everyone.

To Miss Calm

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I confess
I’ve done so terrible things
I’ve broken so many wings
I’m in stress
I’ve to say what I want
I will confess or I won’t ?

What I need
Does hurt indeed
Every when and everywhere
Now and then, here and there
What I feel
Shall be my heal
Everyplace and every time
Set me free its not a crime

Every single place we’ve gone
Every little thing we’ve done
Is painted on my memories
Every tiny word you’ve said
Is sculptured in my ears

There are paths I had chose
There are scars I want to close
There are things I shouldn’t give
There are people I can’t forgive
I’m not gifted to forget
The least I can do is regret

Stars are charmingly shining
Winds are silently listening
My words are being written
like the slow running river
I know I’m not forgiven
But this letter I must deliver

I’ve been lost
I’ve been alone
Before your ghost haunted me
I’ve been wrong
Never been strong
Before your shadow stalked me
I’ve been in strife
A heart with a knife
Before you peacefully rescued me

Forgive me for misbehaving
I misunderstood my craving
For someone like you miss calm
The heart beneath my hand’s palm
Hold my hand, and its all yours
Save me again, I’m forever yours.

Why must he hurt me </3

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Why must he hurt me,
why must he break me,
why does he turn my world apart,
when he told me he couldn’t love me,
it just broke me inside,
his rejection just put me aside
& now Im stuck & I can’t decide,
Im drowning in my own pain,
where all I see is tears and wish to disappear,
my only fear was losing him & now it’s as clear as it seems

You never loved me like you said you did,
you broke my heart and lied to me,
but with this pain & broken promises I had learned my lesson,
never trust a guy with bad intention
’cause you won’t need him or his protection,
now I know my time is over just because I see no more tomorrow
& I leave with a goodbye and a mark that touched my heart
so remember one last thing true love barely exists
so don’t believe in everything you see

You Do Not Deserve My Tears </3

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Im catching teardrops in my hands,
No one can feel my hurt or pain,
Im suffering in long depression,
I have no one and no protection,
I am lost in your rejection,
I stand above the ground,
Hoping to find freedom somehow,
This depression won’t end,
I got to find the way out of this pain,
My eyes are red from crying,
My head hurts from trying,
Dear god I feel like dying ,
Lost in my conscience,
Lost in my pain,
its been too long now,
can’t take the pain,
No more wishes,
they don’t come true,
I don’t believe in me and you,
love doesn’t exist no more for me,
I have lost the one I love,
there’s no more to try to fix
there’re 6 things I’ll tell you now,
even though you won’t care somehow,
why don’t you love me?
why don’t you care?
why when I called you, you were not there?
why when I told you that I love you, you just walked away?
why did you look at me, as if you were interested?
Just told me why I can’t get over you?
this is the questions that I have no answers to,
because there’s nothing to do without you
but this is the final goodbye because its been too long,
and too much I’ve cried so take this as goodbye,
because no more tears are going to fall from my eyes.